Healthy Kiwi Lime Pie Recipe – Treat Yourself

Don’t want to choose between a slice of pie or a piece of fruit? With health coach Arielle Haspel’s guilt-free kiwi lime pie recipe, you don’t have to. Impress your guests with this easy-to-make, heart-healthy dessert.

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Healthy Kiwi Lime Pie Recipe – Treat Yourself

Starring: Arielle Haspel

For more from Arielle Haspel, visit her website!


  1. Eggs are super healthy, lol.

  2. How can I get the measurements??

  3. Your Pie looks like what I was looking for very delicious
    But I might be a little blind?… I cant find the amount of the ingredients and its annoying to go thru all your links just to find nothing…please advice

  4. I'm new to your channel man you have great food ideas

  5. As a Nutrition student I find all this adaptation of great recipes such a cool idea! being healthy doesn't have to mean miss on eating delicious meals 🙂 thanks for sharing with us

  6. Look I know she said 'You can lick your fingers on this one because there is no egg."  But… she just did it and stuck her fingers right back in the mixture… mmm… yummy… Sorry if this offends anyone… 

  7. OMG you don't know how I love you so , so , so much for your work ! I admire you !!! I'm a French student and students eat bad . But you give me greats ideas to eat well and cheap so Thanks you very much !!! Please it will be good to create a youtube channel to follow you or a great alternative would be to always post recipes on glamour !   Kisses from Paris !!! <3

  8. I need more of these recipes!!! It looks so good! This is the best inspiration! Love the videos!

  9. Looks delicious! Key lime pie is one of my favorites, so I love this healthy twist =)

  10. Baking with rings on? Eww.

  11. YUMMY I LOVED IT AND I LOVE KIWI!!!!!!!!!!  +Arielle Fierman Haspel 

  12. Arielle is lovely! I'm looking forward to more from this series.

  13. Looks DELISH! and I love the episode – you make cooking look so fun and healthy!! 

  14. love this video!!! so fun…cant wait to make this.

  15. This looks so good, i am going to make this tonight!

  16. what if you don't have Kiwi, can you use another fruit??

  17.  awesome it looks great and i love kiwi and im hungry now cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! +Arielle Fierman Haspel 

  18. How many calories, fat and sugar pr 100 gram?

  19. I dont like pies 😳 i dont know why i watched this 😅

  20. Sweetened condensed milk? Need an alternative…

  21. This looks delicious! Also love your sense of humor! Makes it so fun to watch!

  22. Definitely ganna try this! Looks delish

  23. At :21 I thought my timer went off in my kitchen Lol

  24. This looked so delicious! Thank you for the recipe! Gillian x

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