Healthy Lunch Ideas For School IBack To School

Hey guys,
this is the second video of my Back To School series.
I show you two delicious lunch and snack ideas that ar eperfect for school 🙂

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Englischer Kanal:
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  1. Oh you've had English channel! I even didn't know about here !
    I'm so glad that I found here!

  2. Your eyes r heaven! love this well done 🙂

  3. do you live in germany now? 🙂 great video !!!:)))

  4. You have beautiful eyes!!!!! and even before i saw the German writing on the veggie bags, i knew straight away from your looks that you are german 🙂 xx

  5. Yaay eine Deutsche YouTuberin die Englisch redet! Will ich später auch mal machen ♥♥

  6. If she's from Germany why does she speak english? Not to be racist

  7. I dont like that back back

  8. Woher hast du die Salatbox?

  9. your eyes is sooo stunning omgod :O 

  10. I have free school lunch

  11. You are so pretty! Thanks for the video!😊

  12. Du hast einen sehr guten Wortschatz 😉 Weiter so! Ich liebe deine Videos. Ob deutsch oder Englisch, es ist alles geil 😀

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