Healthy Meals (Ideas)

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  1. It's OKAY, God made some of us flat chested! You are beautiful just the way you are! On the other hand, I've got a few pounds to loose!

  2. How did you grow your lashes they're awesome

  3. Tiffany, I'm an old, middle-aged lady with lupus, etc., and your videos are precisely what I was looking for in regards to eating healthier and taking better care of myself. I love your personality and your presentation. You are upbeat and fun. Thank you so much for making planning to eat healthier seem simple and do-able.

  4. Love this, minus the seasoning salt which is not good for you.

  5. Why don't you make your own dressings. it is so ease

  6. Just discovered your channel today. Subscribed!

  7. great thank u for sharing, will view more

  8. Skip link/button to save you time: 4:07

  9. wow, seems a lot of food you intaking even it's veggie,  and u still lost the weight..

  10. I just discovered you!!! your amazing!

  11. Hey I don't like a lot of salad dressing either. So what I do is take off the cap and don't shake the bottle so that the oil Is on top because it's heavier. Then I just pour slowly in the trash can about an inch of oil and then I add Bradds Apple cider vinegar to make more tart. Now that's good

  12. We are trying to drink no soda. And healthy too do you low cholesterol meals too? thanks

  13. We are trying to drink no soda. And healthy too do you low cholesterol meals too? thanks

  14. This video is informative and interesting!

  15. 5 people dislike this video?

    they must love and will die eating mcdonalds

  16. I'm going to make that I replaced alot of food
    with healthy alternatives!

    my favorite is what my sister got me and my dad

    a nutribullet

    i replaced my breakfest with a smoothie and i'm good all the way to lunch!

    my smoothie's consist of

    vanilla protein powder
    spinach leafs
    dark chocolate powder
    peanut butter
    and almond silk milk.

    its very good!

  17. I have been making my own dressing/dips lately that are just 3 ingredients.. balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard  and maple syrup (or honey)  1 tbs of each. makes a great salad dressing or dip for potato wedges!!

  18. More recipes would be great.
    I like when you show how to prepare the meal.

  19. What are you wearing on your lips? <3__<3

  20. Love the video! I can't wait to try these meals out! Thanks : )

  21. What lip color do you have on 😍💘

  22. Try this dressing: it has no oil…. Mix 2 T balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp Dijon and 1 t maple syrup

  23. any late night healthy snacks ? 😅

  24. You said my name! yay! :,) (Britta)

  25. You look great! In this video and in every other one. I've been watching your videos for a couple months now and by using your techniques/tips I have toned up and slimmed down! Thank you for your videos. 🙂

  26. Such great videos girl!!! You have inspired me. I'm going through all of your videos making a whole foods list and going to the grocery. Thank you so much! Xoxo

  27. I hope Spice is ok. Praying for her. Please more recipes. Im going to try these. Thank you so much 🙂

  28. Hey Tiffany I have a question about protein shakes. I started working out with kettlebells and I noticed that I was pretty much starving all day no matter how much I ate and a friend suggested I tried protein shakes and I've been drinking them for a week now and they have helped a lot. But I heard that it actually matters if you drink it post workout or pre workouts, I'm trying to build muscle when should I drink them???

  29. Thanks for your videos Tiff! They really help and inspire me. Could you possibly do a video on your grocery what you buy and how you budget for 2 people.
    Me and my husband used to be careless on what we spent on groceries and just got whatever but now with a wonderful baby in our lives we need to learn how to budget and I would like to get into shape. Having jiggles isnt cute lol my goal is just to be healthy and fit. Like a lot of people I come from a family that suffers from diabetes and cholesterol and i want to change that for me and my little family. I want us to be healthier and be able to enjoy life more. Thanks again for your great videos! Keep up the awesome work.

  30. You always plate your food so beautifully; makes it look like a cheat meal from a restaurant! Thanks for the inspiration…I'm sure that I can modify some of these ideas for quick vegetarian meals 🙂

  31. i loved all your meal ideas ive been following since a while now and im always so anxious to see a new video specially now that you been talking about all healthy food and exercising really motivates me to be healthier 🙂 

  32. tifanny, what lipstick are you wearing in here? you look so beautiful girl!!  great video!:)

  33. ALL of those looked sooooo good! I wanted to eat that Tuna Salad!!! LOVE Spanish Olives!!! Thank you!

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