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Last Week’s Meals –
So you guys really love the kid’s lunch videos (which will be back soon!) but I thought we could try out doing a more adult version. No “after” meal shots, because it’s safe to assume I eat all my veggies. 😉

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  1. I love your King of Queens quotes lol “onionion “

  2. The auto-generated captions say Luigi when you say Louie g😂😂

  3. Those chili lime chicken burgers are the best!😍

  4. Love this! This is so helpful for me! I was feeling kind of uninspired in the low-cal meal department, and this gave me some cool ideas! Love these types of videos!

  5. I am going to try your albondigas recipe, it looks fire! I use a traditional recipe with a tiny bit of rice thrown in the pot when cooking. This looks so much healthier.

  6. I love that you include what you eat/pack for your kids. Helps me create my grocery list.

  7. You really eat super healthy, wow!

  8. Do your kids eat what you eat or do you cook them something else? JUST curious.

  9. I would love to see your workout routine and what exercises u do to her your stomach down

  10. Why do I feel like I saw some of these already

  11. why use a dish for a small meal when you can use paper? the cleanup is far easier.. when im having a quick snack of crisps or something i'll use a paper plate

  12. I haven't found a spray oil that doesn't smell weird to me.. idk why or what it is. Lol so I've been using olive oil but I usually just steam cook my veggies. Anyways, people need to mind their own !! Lol Even if you DID say. HEY EVERYONE EAT WHAT I EAT .. People should know everyone is different and certain calories and such work different for everyone. That's a given!!!! 😂😁

  13. People think that because you only posted those things that means it’s all you eat even though you said you eat other stuff @@ and measuring is a great tool in the beginning( and always if it helps) . Most people end up over weight because Americans have a screwed idea of what a serving really is!

  14. Sarah you’re awesome! Keep doing you, we love your vids

  15. Thank you for this Sarah!!! Girl you give me motivation!!!!!!

  16. So irrelevant but her nail color is goals 😍💯👏🏽

  17. Lmao my boyfriend laughed so hard when you said POTATOES "insert accent' lol

  18. What app are you using to keep track of your calories and stuff?

  19. It’s a shame you have to justify everything. Keep doing you! It’s realistic, healthy, and I love it!

  20. How was the cheese? Did it have an almond milk flavor? Or did it just taste like bone fat cheese?

  21. I freaking love you ♥️♥️♥️

  22. sarah out here cooking like a black mom with all these seasonings lol love it

  23. I don’t know if i missed it, but what did you think of the almond cheese from Trader Joe’s? I’m a little sensitive to dairy so I’m always looking for new alternatives. Love these kinds of vids ❤️

  24. Giiiirrrrll I LOVE seeing you cook the food. Idk about everyone else, but that’s my favorite part of food videos, I like seeing it cooked! Love you girl, you do you booboo! 💜💜

  25. Appreciate the good ideas! Thank you

  26. Sarah❤️ I Got You From The Get Go!!👌 Some People Just Straight Up Dumbb. Lmao.😂 But I Understand You From The First Vlog You Did. Love You Girrrl.💅😘 Keep Doing You,💪 You Got My Attention. Lol👎

  27. Gonna miss the plus size try on hauls cause your not plus size anymore!! Keep up the good work❤️

  28. I really enjoy you girl.. I think you're one of the realiest you tubers out here. You have not changed, even with your growing success.
    You're getting a lot of copy cats our there (hint hint, LTBF). Protect your content mama..

  29. Don’t mind the hate girl! Whoever has time to post negative comments after watching a whole video needs more things to do through out their day.

    Love your videos you make me want to be more on my health, perfect or not you put in effort and that’s what matters!

    Can you do a shopping one of how much your healthy groceries cost, or alternatives. As a momma of 3 kids it’s difficult to manage money in the grocery department 😩 the bad is always cheaper than the good so it’s difficult


  30. Anyone else been feeling like Sarah is getting frustrated with all the haters lately? I feel like she's been talking about it a lot in both chanels. Can we all just appreciate her efforts and what she does? Love you Sarah!

  31. Cool recipes although I don't get Americans and the tons of packaging on everything. I know it's convenient and it's saving time especially with two kids but can't you really cut your own mushrooms and stuff like that? People really should think about environment more. That's not meant just for Sarah, if she doesn't care that's ok, she can do whatever she wants, but stores should really step up on this.

  32. This motivates me to eat healthier ! Thank you lol 💕💕

  33. "You see what it says" 😂me to b

  34. Honesty it's nobody's business how many damn calories you eat! Ppl are way too judgemental! Take ur rude ass selves off her channel then!

  35. I think it’s because at dinner in a couple videos you were only at 1000 calories SO FAR, but people must have missed the “so far” part?

  36. omg i want to try those mozzarella shreds so badly! they looked awesome!

  37. These are my favorite videos

  38. Could you do a more in-depth tutorial on how to cook so of the foods you make please

  39. Seeing as you've commented a couple of times about how you're eating but not really hungry, have you considered switching to the OMAD style of fasting? So you'd just be fitting all your calories in one meal. That may suit you better and it's great for people who are super busy. I love it.

  40. The fact that she has to explain. Some folks need to go out and live instead of being internet bullies

  41. Giiiirl you worked hard!! thank you so much and I appreciate the nutritional facts you give us for the meals! I will defo make some of those as they look yuumm!!! also Im on the IIFYM diet

  42. I would be really interested in a Top 10 series for these food videos. For example top 10 items to get at Trader Joe’s, top 10 favorite healthy snacks or desserts etc. Just an idea. Love your vids!

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