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  1. Mam plz make a video on gluten free diet for weight loss

  2. What about soybean..
    I mean Soy granules.. soy chunks

  3. I love dis video yaar..

    Love you dear..💐💐💐

  4. Where r these recipes ranju😯 pls pls plźzzzzzzzz post more of healthy recipes saldas (veg ,FRUITS, MILLETS WITH PROPER COMBO PLSSS PLS …..WIL YOU☺

  5. Hii renju kannada video madi please nanu nima video thumba nodthini thumba channagide please please please my humble request

  6. Pls make a video on hair care with affordable products

  7. Hi Ranju… Do you eat all those leafy vegetables raw…? Can you show how are you preparing your salad…? Please

  8. How to make green moong bean sprouts

  9. Plz make a video on rapid weightloss in 1 month with pcos

  10. FINALLY!! someone thats vegan , doesn't use soy or dairy, and has PCOS. Subscribed!!!

    Hi from Atlanta, GA, USA!

  11. Hi I'm your new subscriber please please help me I'm PCOD patient but I'm under weight please tell me diet so that I can increase or maintain my weight and reverse my PCOD my age is 26.,my both ovaries show multiple peripheral follicle measuring upto 4.6mm in diameter

  12. pcos is my problem too and I am enjoying your amazing work

  13. This time I'll use WooPep instructions to learn about diets more 🙂

  14. OMG!! Ranju you are amazing…i have pcos Prblm..and also am having severe acne issues… This video is so helpful for me..and can you do a video about yoga routine for pcos problem?

  15. How do you cook your millet? Looks very nice

  16. How do you prepare Jowar Dosa or roti??it is so difficult for me to prepare roti from Jowar?

  17. Is ragi mudde good during diet di?

  18. Hey ranju cn u pls make a video abt how to cook millet properly.. Not necessarily a YouTube video.. A short insta one also helps a lot.. Pls ranju

  19. Ranju ranju..we want a makeup or basically GRWM vedio ….wld love to seee it…it can for 26th of Jan…

  20. Pls can u show the bajra roti recipe… I guess u had put dill leaves

  21. Hi Ranju, thanks for the list.. Which coconut oil you use?

  22. Very impressive information
    Shukryia dhanywaad for uploading and sharing your thoughts

  23. Hii ranju …plz share some recipes nd detox water too …thnku

  24. Can u make video on diff types of salads recipes. It will help us

  25. Very important video…great effort dear…

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