Healthy Sandwich & Wrap Recipes (Packed Lunch for Work or School)

I LOVE sandwiches & wraps as my lunch-to-go because they’re fast, convenient and simple to eat whether at work, school or while travelling. Unfortunately store bought pre-packed sandwiches aren’t always the healthiest. They then to contain a lot of hidden fat and calories.

Here are 3 delicious & healthy sandwich and wrap recipes for you to bring to work or school. All of these take less than 10 minutes to prep, they’re under 350 calories and very high in nutritional values.
1) Sweet Chicken Sandwich
2) Spiced Curry Chickpeas Wrap
3) Creamy Avocado Egg Sandwich

Here are my 5 Simple Steps to Build a Healthy & Delicious Sandwich / Wrap:
1) Choose Low-Calorie BREAD
2) Add High Quality Lean PROTEIN
3) Pile on the VEGETABLES
5) Flavour with HERBS & SPICES

All these recipes can be prep ahead. So plan ahead and make yourself a healthy lunch!

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  1. What is rocket ? I am from India can you help me?

  2. Can I know what kind of bread did you use in the video?

  3. What kind of bread is that 🍸🍸🍸

  4. 1 Serving of the chickpea wraps, is that the whole wrap or half a wrap please

  5. Hi mis Joanna…. I would like to ask what to eat to loss weight for nightshift worker like me….

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  7. great tips of healthy videos. i saved it to make it n add it into my recipes. thanks Joannah.. 😘😘

  8. marry me and make my sandwiches 😉

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  11. Great recipes! You are a very beautiful young lady!

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  15. Those wraps have like 400 calories without the filling

  16. vit c in lemon will destroy through cooking , and the benefit of salt is better if u put it last(not cocked)… : )

  17. This recipes can i eat for lunch and dinner ? Or is only lunch

  18. That chicken salad sounds amazing 😀

  19. where I'm living there is only 2 green leafy vegetables are available spinach and handful rocket can I use them in every dish I make ???

  20. I love you for always having some vegan option in your videos!!!

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    lots of love joanna

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  24. Thank you. Great video!! I'm trying to eat healthy and these recipes are easy and look really good.

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  27. @JoannaSoh, I tried the Vegan Spiced Curry Chickpeas Wrap. I love it and felt full with one! Can't wait to try the other two sandwiches! Thank you for the health kicks!

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