Healthy Sweet Snacks | 9 Healthy Snack Ideas

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Guys, I can’t believe we’ve reached 30k subscribers! Thanks so so so much! I hope this video gives you some healthy food ideas! I am a sucker for chocolate and anything sweet, so if you like sweet things but refused to eat anything made from refined sugar. Try these recipes out. They are all dairy free, gluten free and free from refined sugar. 🙂

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► 1. Almond Protein Balls | Almond Balls
Recipe is here:…

► 2. Dark Chocolate
The rest of recipes will be included soon.

Thanks for watching guys!


  1. I want to make the peanut butter jelly balls!

  2. Can you use ingreadence I can actually find???

  3. I love the flowers in your video (and the snacks too)!! They're so pretty (the flowers), do you buy them?

  4. hey chloe, how many calories do you eat a day?💘

  5. I showed this to my best friend and she couldn't believe how aesthetically appealing it was

  6. ur recipes look amazinggggg deff gonna try some

  7. You look SO much like Emma Watson. Can't believe it 😀

  8. I can't wait for the dark chocolate recipes

  9. Hey! For the first recipe, is there anything to replace the dates with?
    But could still be yummy.

  10. pancakes look sooo delicious and you look so beautiful with this natural hair colour:)

  11. FINALLY A FITNESS GURU THAT I CAN RELATE TO!!!!! im so glad i found u wipes happy tears :')

  12. oh my! your presentation is aesthetically pleasing <3

  13. Do you eat any kind of yoghurt ??

  14. PLEASE MAKE MORE RECIPE VIDEOS!!! 🙂 I'm in high school and it's so hard to have a good lunch with so little time in a day and so little cooking skills.. hehe


  16. Dang…came here to trim the waist…tripped…and fell in love…

  17. Hi Chloe!I love ur healthy food ideas, and ur cool exercise's !They totally work and I lost like 6kg in only a few months !Its great cause i broke my leg, and it went on and on so i put on Weight.So i started to reasearch and found u!Once i got the okay to exersice i started slowly and now i am in even better shape than before!Before i was just seriously skinny and now i am still skinny but fit!Thank Chloe!Ur amazing!

  18. Your healthy snack ideas – videos are really motivating me to eat healthier! Please continue making these kinds of videos! I will support you giirl <3

  19. i love these, i need more food videos

  20. I would love it if you posted your jam recipe!! xoxo

  21. She is so beautiful and wonderful to listen to too

  22. I absolutely loveee your channel! Ahh I'm so happy I came across it! 😁😊💕

  23. Can you do a "tiny waist" workout video? I love youuu, you're so sweet

  24. This is so beautifully made. My aesthetic heart is happy. ❤

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