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Which airline do you work for?
I’m not allowed to say.

How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant?
Most major US carriers are 20-21 years or older. Some smaller airlines are 19 years or older.

What’s your schedule?
It varies. A LOT. I don’t have a consistent schedule.

What is OPR?
It stands for “On Premise Reserve.” When I have OPR, I’m scheduled to sit at the airport for four hours (there are five shifts throughout the day). OPRs are used if a flight attendant/crew needs to be replaced at the last minute (within two hours of a flight’s departure). Flight attendants from OPR are also used to start boarding a flight if a flight attendant/crew is running late but will make it before departure. This prevents the flight from being delayed.

What is a deadhead?
The company flies the flight attendant/crew from one destination to another, but they are not working the flight (i.e. they’re passengers but still on duty for the company).

Do you have to pay for the hotel rooms? Do you have to share them?
No and no.

Do you get expense money for layovers?
We do not receive cash in hand when we start a layover. We do, however, receive a minimal hourly per diem (which we do not receive until our next paycheck).

How long are your layovers?
Again, it varies. Could be as little as 6 hours or as long as 42 hours.

Are there height/weight requirements to be a flight attendant?
You must be able to fit in a jumpseat, escape through an exit window, retrieve items from overhead compartments…you know, perform the basic duties of a flight attendant.

Do you need a degree or any prior experience?
High school degree is required; a college degree is recommended. Prior airline experience is not required. Airlines look for candidates with prior experience working with people (retail, customer service, banking, nursing, etc). I have a bachelor’s degree in tourism and travel; my prior work experience includes the Disney College Program (Google it if you are unfamiliar with it), multiple retail jobs, and multiple restaurant jobs.

How long until you fly transatlantic/hold a line/etc?
This varies greatly depending on your airline and where you are based within that airline. It’s all about seniority.

As a reserve, do you get paid even if you don’t fly?
Yes. We are guaranteed 75 hours of flight time pay each month. If we fly less, we still get 75. If we fly more, we get paid for anything extra. Those 75 hours do not include having to get to the airport at least an hour early, boarding, or deplaning; our hourly pay is counted from when the aircraft door closes to when it opens.

Thank you for watching! My name is Jenny Ernst (if you haven’t gathered that by now). I’m a flight attendant living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I post a new vlog every week + occasionally sit down to give y’all a proper video!

*All views expressed/statements/opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s views.*

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