HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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Please do not count macros or calories (unless you need to for specific health reasons). The measurements and macros in this video are just for your information and to show you that you can get protein on a vegan diet. Life is more than calculating macros, and after years of not doing it, adding it up for this video was exhausting haha. Eat what feels good for you and what makes you happy!

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tlt sandwich // https://bit.ly/2KptSSJ
bbq tofu quinoa bowl // https://bit.ly/2vZO6iZ
protein oats // https://bit.ly/2I8TTru
lentil and walnut salad // https://bit.ly/2FxAjQ6
chilli con protein // https://bit.ly/2I4gd5w

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  1. But where do you get your protein? I'm answering that question in today's recipe video! Each recipe is linked in the description so check it out! ALSO this video is not to tell you that you should be counting the amount of protein you're eating, or measuring anything out, this was purely done for your information to show how much protein you CAN get from plants. ALSO before I receive another comment about soy being too high in estrogen for men IT IS A MYTH! Soy has PHYTOestrogens which is different from estrogen and affects us differently (we aren’t plants). You should be more concerned with the actual estrogen in animal products, because manboobs are much more likely to be a result of overeating diary than soy. https://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

  2. one line u lied in your video about taste😙😂😂😂😂

  3. HEY! I love these recipes, but for the green lentils in the salad recipe; I wanted to be sure I was getting my exact macros it said it was. When I log in 100g of green lentils it amounts to 133 cals on some calorie counting apps, and on others it says 331 cals for 100g. Please help

  4. Vegans are the worst fucks.

  5. I'm not gay, but you're so pretty. If going vegan will make me look like you, count me in!😊

  6. I just made the oatmeal and it’s absolutely amazing!! I’ll definitely be making it a lot

  7. I’m allergic to nuts so it’s so hard to imagine eating this type of diet. Is there an alternative to nuts for protein?

  8. Why complicating life when you can cook a real steak instead of fake food.

  9. I just wanted to jump into that bowl of oatmeal. Omg I love oatmeal with peanut butter. Can't wait to try

  10. nice video u look gorgeous

  11. Is it ok to eat tofu so frequenly? I've just become vegan recently and ate tofu quite a lot for fear of not getting enough protein but I heard others say that it's not good for girls to consume lots of tofu

  12. Nice Vid! I love the music.

  13. Random question, do you buy your bread or make it? It looks DELICIOUS

  14. Why would you need that much protein? Over 100 is a bit excessive but good video tho

  15. I want a wife like u..,😙😍😘
    Love from India❤️

  16. Deffo starting with use the banana peel as cutting board tip

  17. Ketchup on a sandwich? The sandwich looks good but hold the tomatoes! The tofu looks really good but I hate oatmeal.

  18. that's why i never became vegan, is too much carbs.

  19. Babe is Eggs veg or non veg 🤔🤔

  20. a salad with almost 1000 kkal OMG

  21. how much protein would these meals have without the avocado? i'm very allergic :((((

  22. It looks delicious. But that would be nearly 4000 calories a day :-/

  23. Man it can't be simpler than that. Delicious and packed with body feeling goodness. I noticed my body and mind feels way better on this high protein plant based meals. Am not vegan but i stay away from red meats, but girl…..lentils and avocados with some quinoa is the bang.

  24. That's not healthy for the people who trying to maintain 8 packs I rather eat chicken

  25. Thank you for making these recipes HIGHER CALORIES meals as well as high protein as well. Many of these vegan videos/recipes are so petite and low in calories that I starve to death. 😂For someone who has high metabolism, I need this—- especially for a vegan diet. For the people that are complaining, just make adjustments, or move to another source that suits your tastes. The recipes look delicious, thank you.<3

  26. Followed the link to Quinoa bowl, and got 'reasons why I'm not a minimalist'?

  27. Where I get ma teststrone from vegan teme

  28. Getting carb to protein ratio 5:1 and using soy as the main source of protein doesn't seem to be the best option.

  29. You are soo sooo sooo cute and your receipe is well good

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