HIGH Protein Vegan Recipes – Vegan Athlete Case Study

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This is typically what I am eating currently to achieve my macronutrient and calorie goals.

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  1. Supplement imitation vegan organic Navajo..
    Military college forms are Best
    Dodge county Wisconsin 3.6.89

  2. Nice, but too high calorie for me im afraid! I need to keep the protein around 140-160 but drop the calories by about a thousand!

  3. Looks tasty, but man is that a war on the stomach

  4. You should also try Vital Wheat Gluten (aka Wheat Meat/Seitan). It's a high protein meat substitute without any soy, and it's made from the gluten of wheat. When cooked correctly, it has a very meat-like taste (for a non-meat item) and a very comparable texture. I find it's a great option for anyone looking to increase their protein.

    ALSO, Vital Wheat Gluten can also be mixed in parts into baking mixtures (such as waffles, cakes, breads, etc) to increase the protein count and strength of the item to hold itself together. 1/4 cup (30g) is 110 calories (the same as flour) and contains ~23g protein, and very few carbs. Under 8g per serving I think. I don't recommend vital wheat gluten for pancakes as it doesn't seem to cook well, but in waffles it's great. It cooks perfectly. It can be used it most baking stuff. I just advise to stay away from pancakes with it.

    Don't make something baked with only the wheat gluten though, as it'll just be a weird seitan. You need enough flour as well to actually have it be a mix.

  5. Be more active on youtube bro. You git such a good physique. And veganism will give you the ability to do bodybuilding till yout 50's

  6. i would go vegan if it would be possible to eat 1g/lbs protein without soy products, protein shakes, fake meat or only eating lentils/kidney beans. sure I could eat only beans and lentils but look the amount calories I would have to eat to get a good amount of protein, even though i like to eat kidney beans.

    for 100g kidney beans
    protein: 8g
    protein per calorie: 0,072

    for 100g red lentils:
    calories: 358
    protein: 27g
    protein per calorie: 0,075

    1g/lbs would be for my weight approx. 150g protein. so even if i would eat only the lentils that are that high in protein, I would have to eat 556g of it and that would be almost 2000 calories. 2000 calories to get 150g of protein only eating lentils or beans!?!? vegan protein shakes taste like shit and are overpriced and I don't trust soy. I don't even take bio availability and amino acid profile into account here.
    so if someone has a solution that isn't "you don't need that much of protein", "eat soy, its good" or "take some protein powder" feel free to share and i will consider it to give it a try if it's reasonable.

  7. This is one way to become nutrient deficent and then you health collapses as a vegan. Been vegan a year now and it is essential that you eat greens at the very minimum. Id have 1 meal like this a day but not 4 meals of proccessed carbs… very unhealthy indeed. I got 1000 of my calories from a smoothie alone in the morning full of green and antioxident berries and electrolyte rich bananas, keeps your muscles rejuvinated after a work out.

  8. Thanks Im def trying that high protein pasta!

  9. have you done a vid with high protein & no carbs?

  10. Nice! Love these meal ideas !!

  11. You have no idea how happy I am to finally, FINALLY, have found a video that offers exactly what I need for my upcoming meal prep:

    vegan-friendly, efficient while preserving taste, flexible, protein dense, and diverse enough to get neither overwhelming nor boring.

    You a boi. THANK YOU 🙏

  12. Hey bro, quick question 300+ carbs is a lot wouldn’t I get super bulky and not be able to burn fat

  13. Dude this is the best video for me, I learnt soooo much with this video, keep it up!
    Keep uploading great content

  14. VEGA protein powder jar at Sprouts in CA is $64.99 damn… hope it has ground up diamonds in there.😧

  15. Much love from India 🇮🇳

  16. The prison chili looks like something a resturant would serve IF u put sliced tomato, maybe some spinach mixed in the chili and then some basil or parsley on top!

  17. I'm so glad you addressed creating meals with low ingredients. This has been my biggest struggle as a vegetarian looking into veganism. Every video and recipe out there looks delicious but I'm not a chef, the more ingredients, the more expensive, time consuming, and frustrating it can be to stick to a diet plan. This all looks delicious and simple. Thanks so much!

  18. This is awesome but for this meal 7 days a week will cost $$$$

  19. Wow, this is so great! Would love to support each other! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work:)


  21. Did you have a problem with legumes with gas (Oligosacharides), before you started before you went vegan?

  22. That linguini looked good all those plates are great looking!

  23. It's funny when people are eating for environmental health. Yet there is imported palm oil in the processed "Beyond meat" product. Which contributes to rainforest destruction. I don't want to criticize, rather teach you that it's better to eat local organic fresh food. Thanks

  24. No where did you post info like calories or amount of protein…

  25. hey man? why don't you guys ask sexy vegan for some real vegan recipes????

  26. I am just going vegan as an athlete and I'm super lazy with food. I eat the same thing everyday lol. This video is so helpful, thank you!

  27. Vegan men are getting more and more SEXY!!!

  28. Any more than four ingredients I get a headache, !😂😂😂me too man great vids just found your vids 1 year vegan for me, look forward to more vids

  29. Aren’t you concerned about the Sodium content from these packed meals??

  30. There is probably eggs in the bread and wrap

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