How to make Bircher Muesli – SUPERFOOD Healthy Breakfast Recipe!

This Muesli recipe is really easy and super tasty! The perfect breakfast! Muesli has great health benefits as it’s packed with nutrients, perfect to grab on the go and will last in the fridge for 2 days.

Here is the recipe:

Soaking oats overnight makes them super sweet and easier to digest. This recipe is loaded with fibre to boost your digestion and immune system. Chia seeds add nice texture as well as boosting the nutritional profile of this dish massively, especially omega 3’s, protein and fibre. And it’s low in calories (less than 300 calories).

Oats don’t always have to be eaten as porridge or eaten only for breakfast, this recipe also makes a great snack.

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Dave & Steve.

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  1. Thanks Happy Pears, i'm adding fresh grated apple to mine, now looking to mix it up, yours sounds great too.

  2. No point in me doing this as my wife can’t stand milk. I make porridge every day and have: Walnuts, Brazil Nut, Hazel nut, raisins, dried cranberries, dates as a starter in a very small pot along with a mug of Jasmine green tea. Then on the hot porridge we have three small portions of different fruits selected from the following: blueberries, strawberries, banana, apple, melón, Kiwi, seedless grapes, raspberries, mango, pear, níspero, apricots etc also in a standard size bowl which with this mixture is about half full. No sugar and no salt needed. A great way to start the day and you don’t need anything else to eat until 2.30pm when we have lunch.

  3. They Say This Is Danny Ric’s Best Food

  4. birchermuesli is something diffrent, i'd call this like a hip muesli :^)

  5. What are the measurements for all the ingredients to this recipe?

  6. Thank You So Much! I Really Appreciate You All….🌹🏆

  7. I know you guys are vegan, but can one still do this with cows milk?

  8. @The Happy Pear, WHERE…… Did you find those mason jars? Lol. Dope video as well.

  9. Got the book can't wait to try all of your recipes 🙂

  10. This video was fantastic! I create healthy comfort food on my new YouTube channel. I'd like it if you would check out some of my recipes and share any tips you might have for growing my community…Thanks! 🙂

  11. You guys have become my favorite youtubers of healthy food! everything looks delicious!! Just keep doing it ♥

  12. I'm kinda freaked out about how much they look like niall's brother and dad and they are Irish too

  13. Its Ramadan right now, so am definitely going to try this tomorrow morning! Will hopefully give me energy for the 18 hour fast 🙂

  14. I normally donʻt comment on videos but I have to say that you lovely gentlemen are absolutely fantastic!!!!! I canʻt wait to try this recipe. Keep the awesome videos coming! You guys rock!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing such a delicious n healthy recipe! I can't wait to prepare it tonight. I have all the ingredients! 😊I am thinking of using almond milk though as I don't have rice milk. I had 2 questions Can I heat it up a bit in the morning if I want to eat hot breakfast ? Also if I add one cup of oatmeal how much milk should I add, 2 cups?

  16. That would also be great with bee pollen on top!

  17. This looks great, and you two are so adorably handsome! Will be trying this out, thanks for the recipie:)

  18. I watched you guys with Donal, who I found through Sorted Food, who I found through Jamie's Food Hub… Its wonderful to see such inspiring and quirky characters lending to each other all in the their passion for food. Not a breakfast person normally but I will absolutely have to try this, sounds fantastic. Thumbs Up and Sub from Australia champs, keep it up!

  19. Guys. I made up my own recipe, sorta! Oats, chia seeds, raw cacao powder, honey, coconut and cinnamon. Also added banana just before eating it. Definitely worth soaking it overnight. Yummy!!! :p

  20. Few ingredients there my body hasn't had the benefit of trying, looks like the healthier food my body is yearning for, Thank you for the tips, good to know the benefits each product is providing.

  21. Yummy!! Great recipe! I will try this tomorrow night 😀😀

  22. Had no idea that chia seeds had all those benefits. I added them to my breakfast organic juice combo, for the fiber and protein. From watching a prior vid from you two. As the fruit and veg juice, needed something added to it. But now that I know this, I might add more than the 2tbs. that I do. I do let them soak in unsweetened soy milk with organic tahini, as I am making the juice, and cleaning the machine.

  23. So this is where Rick ends up after the Walking Dead… + he found his twin

  24. Looks amazing! I love adding a pinch of cinnamon to a Bircher or some cacao powder for a delicious chocolate kick 🙂

  25. Can you use any kind of oats?

  26. I'm always worried about portion size. I love food and I hope you tell me this is a portion for one but it looks like quite a lot so I'm guessing it's more more than 1

  27. Visiting Ireland soon any chance I can meet you guys and eat your cooking ?? ;)))

  28. Great recipe! Can you add nuts (like pecan, walnuts, etc) and fruits in there over night or is it better to add them fresh in the morning?

  29. Add a spoon of Happy Pear fruit compote….,magic.

  30. This is wonderful! I've just gotten into healthy eating since I'm going to college in a few months. Any tips on adjusting to a new lifestyle?

  31. That is one good looking breakfast guys!

  32. I love muesli. 😀 I am actually uploading a video in about 60 minutes for Overnight Vegan Oatmeal… 😀 Great minds must think alike 😀

  33. I'm glad you made this! I was waiting for one of those 😍😍

  34. This recipe is really easy and super tasty! It’s packed with nutrients, perfect to grab on the go and will last in the fridge for 2 days 🙂

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