How to Make Breaded Toasted Ravioli | Appetizer Recipes |

You can use any type of ravioli for this fantastic recipe. Raviolis are breaded and baked until golden and crisp. Best served along with marinara sauce. Perfect for an appetizer to wow all your friends at the next gathering. They are sure to be a hit! Get the recipe for Breaded Toasted Ravioli:

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  1. Any reason why this video features the same recipe as Byron Talbott’s video (which was uploaded on September 6th)?

  2. This video lacked so much information. what type of ravoli were they using. why just egg white? did they bake or fry at what temperature. very disappointing video. Allrecipes goes for quick videos but dont compromise information just for speed.

  3. Are the ravioli precooked?

  4. As a European I have no idea what a anti stick spray you are not gonna find that here

  5. Do you cook the ravioli first?

  6. Looks delicious! Definitely going to try it 😉

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