How to Make Buddha's Delight (Mixed Vegetables Delight)

Ingredients: (1-2 servings)
Broccoli: 3 oz or 85 g
Carrot: 1 oz or 28 g
Wood Ear/Tree Ear: 1.6 oz or 45 g
Shiitake Mushroom: 1.41 oz or 40 g
Firm Tofu: 6.5 oz or 185 g
Bamboo Shoots: 1 oz or 28 g
Baby Corn: 2.18 oz or 62 g
Water Chestnuts: 1 oz or 28 g
Snow Peas: .7 oz or 20 g
Nappa: 2.3 oz or 65.32 g
Brown Sauce: 1 cup or 254 mL
Water: 1 tbsp + 1/2 cup or 125 mL
Potato Starch: 1 tbsp
Sesame Oil: 1 tsp

Brown Sauce link:

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Title: “What does the Fox say”

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  1. May I know what is brown sauce?

  2. Daughter would simply Love this dish!! Thank you for sharing!

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  7. delicious & yummy, I will try this. Thanks for sharing for us. God bless you & family! ❤️👍 classy food

  8. Wow you are a great teacher Happy new year,

  9. It looks so yummy. Thank you for sharing this recipe. 😊

  10. This naming of food by makes me sick. Lord Buddha is a religious leader, not fucking Ronald McDonald. I know it might be harsh, but you never see anything called a "Jesus stir fry".

  11. Thanks for sharing but you didn’t tell us what’s your ingredients for the brown sauce ? Oysters sauce or soy sauce..

  12. I had this deep fried been curd stuff for the first time in a chop suey dish. Did t really taste of anything but maybe just the soaked in sauce and a bit of deep fried taste .

  13. Thank you for this recipe. I substituted with button mushrooms and added dried chili peppers. Tastes great !!

  14. Very refreshing good👍

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    Very clear sir
    First day of Chinese New year. Got it.

  16. Can you replace dried with fresh shiitake? Whats the ratio?

  17. Tq so much for ur video s Chief. I really like it

  18. Very well detailed recipe, thank you!

  19. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful recipe .🌟🌟🌟

  20. 유부써도 맛나긋네

  21. Well done! I appreciate the details of your background comments of measurements, time, etc.

  22. Great with Bell, green and yellow..

  23. 2:47 Only Buddhist gongfu master chefs can use their hand as a cutting board. Mere consumers like us better use a standard board to cut the tofu on.

  24. Hmmmmmmm….yummy😋😋😋😋😋

  25. i wok it out i wok it out

  26. Yummy and Delicious ❤❤

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  28. The video for the brown sauce doesn't work

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