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In this video we’ll show you how to make an easy and popular party appetizer. These pork and vegetable filled egg rolls are fried until perfectly golden brown and crisp. Serve them up with you favorite dipping sauce and watch them disappear. They are so good, you might want to make a double batch to keep in the freezer.

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  1. Can i use the wrapper of spring rolls?

  2. Can I do puff pastry/phyllo dough

  3. That’s amazing you got that experience. Chinese usually hire their own

  4. should be called wimps in the kitchen, people got no muscle any more. l make my own wonton wrappers by hand..!!! not every country has pre made wrappers. should have added in my search making egg rolls from scratch geez Louis.
    but you did give me some good ideas, i"ll use )) THANKS, like the powder ginger

  5. Best egg rolls my ass…Didn't even use mandatory 5-spice

  6. can i use canola or vegetable oil instead of peanut oil?

  7. how about bean sprouts instead of cabbage cost a little more but far better

  8. Can I substitute some other meat instead of pork?

  9. Asia called spring rolls. No Salt…??

  10. Here's another idea that will make your egg rolls taste even better. Add fresh shredded garlic and ginger instead of dried to your pork before cooking. Then after you take it off of the stoves do add it to the cabbage, also add 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil to add a great punch of flavor to the filling.

  11. They look good but i need to try them to see if they are the best. send me some lol 😁😂

  12. Didn't notice the "Best egg roll "factor ,lol

  13. Fab recipe but I thought going by the title that it was a recipe for how to make the actual egg roll sheets themselves. My bad. I'll have to try and find an actual recipe for the egg rolls themselves as we don't get the pre-made ones here in Northern Ireland. Thanks for the inside recipe though, my hubby will love that. Lee 🙂

  14. I am just wondering what you do with the oil after you deep fry. Do people throw away the used oil or reuse it in some other cooking?

  15. Man, what if you take out the carrot, add shredded cheese, fry in vegetable oil, and then dip in a butter sauce? Mmmmmmm

  16. I enjoy most of your recipes u post.. but this one is just too plain.. . (my post from earlier was deleted for some odd reason). I made some egg rolls yesterday and I added onion powder, garlic salt to the ground pork while cooking. I also added chopped green onion, soy sauce and black pepper to the filling. They came out perfect!

  17. Would love try this im sure it tastes great 🙂

  18. Still have no idea why you guys call them egg rolls. Also that meat could have used a bit of salt!

  19. U can actually use egg yolks instead of the flour to seal the rolls . 🙂

  20. how to make 'risol' in 3minutes

  21. egg rolls are that easy! I'm gonna try it!

  22. I love Allrecipes – but suggestion: could it be possible to give a vegetarian/pescetarian suggested substitute for the meat ingredient for your recipes, if possible?

  23. My all time favorite, I love it 😀

  24. I have a better receipt: you need to cook the cabbage first then press all the water out of it. Season the cabbage with some salt and peanut butter to taste. Leave out the carrot and add a little celery instead. Use a beaten egg to seal instead of the flour-water mixture.

  25. Hi AllRecipes! My name is Jasmine, and my family and I try almost all the recipes you post. However, a suggestion (and a quite helping one at that) would be to list the ingredients before you start preparing the food. Thank you, and definitely using this recipe tonight (its my sisters birthday and her favorite are eggrolls).

  26. I have trouble finding the wraps. Are they frozen?

  27. hmmmmm. … gonna try these. simple and delicious. merci♡

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