I Let The Internet Choose My Vegan Recipes For A Week

It’s REDEMPTION TIME, VEGANS! I asked vegans to choose my meals for a week and, man, did they do a good job // Vote for me in the Shorty awards! http://shortyawards.com/10th/thecandacelowry

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  1. Not gonna lie, that hotdog looked incredible!

  2. Hey thanks for the acknowledgment! I wasn’t offended by the video personally but I could sort of understand how it could have been misunderstood. You’re a really genuine person and you went about this perfectly! I love your channel thanks for all the good content 🥰

  3. Don't let the vegans bully you, girl.

  4. What vegans were not happy but do we give a fuck about but hurt snow flakes

  5. Aha! Just watched the first video. Still interested as to whether you've done the research into the ethical reasons for the vegan lifestyle. Would be cool whether you do a video on it or not… but I'd hope you would get the light turned on for the animal liberation and make A BUNCH of videos about it! 🙂 fish tip: mixing low sodium soy sauce and pineapple juice creates a fish sauce taste. I mix that with jackfruit and chop it up in a food processor. Boom. Vegan "tuna" to do with as you please.

  6. People actively find reasons to get all bent outta shape now days. Everyone is such fluff! These same people that would attack a person for trying "vegan" for a week are the same people that say "there are 18 genders to chose from" and "free love and don't judge". Gimmie a break! Those same things are about as important as someones diet or their food "label". She tried vegan options for a video. Get off it vegans. I totally respect what y'all do but the people that made shitty comments are the same ones that are the source material for jokes about vegans just needing personality and an identifier! You are not better than a person that chooses to spoon feed themselves Crisco dipped into cake batter. IT'S FOOD. EAT WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY OR MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND TAPE YOUR MOUTH CLOSED WITH CRUELTY FREE, NON-BINARY, FREE RANGE, NON-IMMUNIZED DUCT TAPE THATS MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Good vid Candace. The ones with stuff to say with always be the ones with stuff to say!

  7. You are such an angel 😇 for redoing this.

  8. I think the only mistake you made was looking at veganism as taking away animal products from stuff you ALREADY ate. Pizza with nut cheese. Ice cream with no dairy. But when you're not in that lifestyle it's hard to come up with foods because you don't eat them.

  9. I am personally not a vegan and I agreed with a lot of comments on the other video and I am very happy that you decided to own up to your mistakes and try again. One of the reasons why I enjoy you a lot. Good job girl 🙂

  10. Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Good for you to be woman enough to put your hands up and say “I was wrong” and then going for it again 👍🏾
    Great video (as usual). Well done you Candace 💋

  11. This was awesome! Thanks for redoing a vegan diet!

  12. I always love watching your videos, Candace!!!

  13. The fish less fillet from gardein is SUPER spot on if you want a fish 🐠replacement

  14. As a vegan i think you tried it honestly this time and I’m glad you actually took advice from vegans instead of just winging it. It’s hard but It doesn’t have to be.
    I see this as a positive comment on veganism and hopefully this will make people open up their eyes to veganism. This is what we need, sharing good vegan food, show people there are good alternatives that save animals from unnecessary suffering whilst also taking care of your health and the environment!

  15. Damn. Why are you trying to redeem yourself via a bunch of self righteous vegan idiots? I am vegan and admire any effort you make.

  16. Its funny because logan paul is actually vegan

  17. Should I tell y'all that yeast is a bacteria and bacteria is a living thing?

  18. If you make the tofu scramble again, use black salt! It gives a more eggy flavor.
    Honestly veganism became a lot easier (and cheaper) for me once I got away from the mock meats and fake cheeses. Eating more 'real' foods has been a lot better for me. 🙂

  19. Check out earthling eds YouTube channel! I'd recommend the vegan visits a dairy farm and generic ones about slaughter on his channel

  20. i love your eyeshadow! also plant-based foods can be amazing if you do your research

  21. Lmao I think you put your cookie dough too close together, I've watched 2 vids today that you turned your cookies into a big bar

  22. I loved this episode!!!!☺️

  23. Not for me…I understand the foundation of vegetarianism but not being a vegan. I was raised on a family farm. We produced a lot of our own food. I see a clear difference in eating a chicken and eating an egg. As a boy I hated killing the animals but the animals we used as for their products (eggs, milk) actually had good lives. They roamed, and had shelter, protection, and medical.

  24. I’m so glad you redid this! I watched the last one excited to see you try it but then to see it kind of b.sed barely even a full meal in the video made me upset. Yay for pt. 2! Thank you for taking the criticism (which can be harsh) and learning from it!

  25. Much better :))) thanks for give it a second try! I hope for a third and last one xDDD 🌱🌱

  26. im so glad you are trying the plant based diet again!! im vegan myself, and the fact that you actually tried this time makes me very happy! thanks for putting out a more positive message! Lots of lovvveee💖🌱😌

  27. I've heard veganism is supposedly cruelty free but compared to how much education there is on animal cruelty (which there could always be more education on that) how much info do we really have about where our non animal products come from? And even if we don't care about the food itself what about the workers behind the food sourcing? You don't know if they are children, getting paid well or at all, you don't know if they are getting fair hours, you might not even know how disgusting or not the facilities are where these products come from. Just food for thought.

  28. 58% of all the worlds rainforests are left. 20% of the amazon is left. The amazon provides the vast majority of the worlds oxygen. As much as veganism can help us not waste our animals we should also be aware not to be too unbalanced and overcorrect and waste our plant life either. Just me blabbing and sharing an opinion that may or may not be valid in this context.

  29. Man if the point of going vegan is to not eat things that are alive, have feelings, or come from a living thing that's dumb. Yeast is alive, veggies are alive, cheeseburgers, steak, chicken etc. is dead. That's like when people say they smoke as much weed as they want cuz it's natural. Cocaine comes from natural sources, poison ivey is natural doesn't mean I'm gonna smoke it, eat it or wipe my ass with it. I think people should think more deeply on their reasoning for stuff.

  30. Night and day those two videos

  31. You cooked the tofu wrong. Bake it, don’t fry it for stir fry it!!

  32. The shaaaaaade of coughing Logan Pauls name took me out lmao

  33. "The happy pear" has made my vegan life so easy and tasty.

  34. Idc how old this vid is….You dont have to apologize to ANYONE☝!!!!!! These newfound vegans are getting on my last nerve nowadays thinking they're the epitome of LIFE as it should be. Always judging someone. I was a meat eater once, a vegan,vegetarian AND a pescatarian throughout my life & ive never made anyone feel bad for how THEY felt…
    I've been binge watching your vids, because you're funny & i love you💘… So when this episode autoplayed right after the vegan episode & i watched your intro i was pissed. Dont let those vegan bullies make u feel like u had to re-do your feelings & life to make THEM happy. They're just pissed because they're hungry. & probably closet eating meat & dairy… Im looking@ the comments smh, like… Wtf😕? One lady said "muchhhh better" or some lame sh*t. Like gtfoh. Do YOU Candace, you're doing great, let them do them.✌

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