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  1. i'm mexican; vegan burritos are THE BEST, don't @ me

  2. There is the food stereotype that you'll eat all that and be hungry again in 2 hours. 🙂 That food looks super good. I'm kind of jealous because today for my lunch/dinner meal I ate super-quick supermarket vegan processed food – Two faux-Sausage Muffins (Orowheat Extra Crisp brand muffins[vegan ingredients]/Gardein's Breakfast saus'age patties/Follow Your Heart Cheddar) + Pacific Brand Spicy Black Bean Soup (which is super delicious) and I added a Sam Adam's Boston Lager. Naw, it wasn't really healthy (the soup is decently healthy tho), but it got the job done and 35 grams of protein. Dang! That's a meal I have to remember for when I'm lifting to bulk muscle.

  3. Why do you always eat with such big utensils?? I mean I'm not complaining cause you make it look fun but what is the reason behind it?

  4. Hope the recipes for this mukbang is posted later on, looks so good!

  5. I love watching people eat like the beginning of the bite but I HATE the sound of chewing 😩

  6. One of the things that makes it hard for some people to go vegan is that they aren't "casserole" people. Vegan foods are often a lot of ingredients blended or stir fried or casseroled together. My SO will eat casseroles, but prefers a piece of meat, with a side of starch & veggies. I love rice or noodles with sauce & veggies on top. It is easier to sub tofu or beans for the meat in those dishes vs a meat & potato plate.

  7. Love all ur videos. I know u didnt plan on these topics but they were great

  8. Nice spread! Culture is very fluid on many levels. It’s up to us to change our perspective of how we look at it and embrace it. Cultural hypocrisy is real and most people are so blinded by the fact that they’re eating a certain animal yet they’re totally against the abuse that said animal.

  9. love you but do not agree with buying used leather because the damage is already done. that is just the same as eating animals because the damage is already done when they are killed. give leather to your dogs to chew on, minus buckles, laces etc. and also wearing animal skins to me is promoting wearing animal skins, not cool. still cannot believe you always eat so damn much!! thanks for not using a knife it scares me seeing you stick it in your mouth. take care.

  10. Roses' rants on munching Mondays are a great way to get fired up for the week!

  11. I think you have the right attitude with culture and food for sure. I'm from the south, and I have found a lot of recipes by Lauren Toyota (Hot For Food) and Missippi Vegan especially that are veganized southern staples. Being from NOLA, and then living in Georgia, people look at you like you're insane for not eating fried chicken.

  12. Can we please stop with the mukbang…. why does everyone jump on a bandwagon when it drives by?

  13. You would wear a used corpse? Ew

  14. Can you ship a jar of your mom's kimchi to the states? I would love to buy a jar 🙂

  15. I just finished eating a breakfast scramble with veganegg! That fried rice looks so good, definitely going to try making that soon 👍

  16. I wish I didn't hate the sound of chewing soooo much I want to hear what you have to say so bad lol!! But I just cant! You keep doing you of course I'm just laughing at my own self at how redic I am. Oh well! 😄❤
    All things aside that food looks SO GOOD

  17. Japchae is actually one of the only noodle dishes that I crave because pasta really isn’t my thing 😂😅 Love you so much girlie—I thought that I’d have to give up a lot with veganism, but when I traveled to the country of my ethnicity (Vietnam), I had no trouble with finding vegan options everywhere, plus many of my relatives were vegan and vegetarian and cooked a lot of amazing dishes for me! It was FANTASTIC! 💓

  18. Please talk about office work world

  19. In every country most people used to be poor, it's not just an Asian thing. In the western world, that's exactly why meat plays such a big role in the day to day life. I'd say the culinary culture in Europe is still very much influenced by the expierince of the two World Wars and their aftermath, when people were forced to stretch their meat ( if there was any) with plant based food like beechnuts. My parent's genereation's childhood is coined by that experience and some will physically recoil at the thought of eating some of that suff again. For them, the idea of voluntarily refraining from a luxury like meat or dairy products is absurd, as they worked so hard (in their minds) to achieve the means to afford them.

    I also need to add that while I really like you, but I must say I wish you would stop comparing the animal industry and slavery, as it is intrinsically racist and completely unnecessary. While both things are terrible, they are very different and deserve to be talked about seperately. Please be mindful of this, bc I find that this discussion in veganism is extremely dangerous and shows that the vegan movement is dominated by white people.

  20. Literally went out and bought kimchi and rice noodles today after watching this and made fried rice for dinner..lol. Also, I really need you to teach me how to eat with chopsticks.

  21. Hi dear u make me sooo.hungery,,what is good to eat after ha ing diverticulitis!!!! Can u help me u r sooo,,nice!!!

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