ketogenic diet for dogs with cancer

Did you know that ketogenic diet for dogs with cancer is a very effective way of battling it. Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is a lifestyle for both dogs and humans. It is a great diet to prevent dogs to develop health issues including cancer. It is also a great diet to lose weight and feel great for both humans and dogs.

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  1. Dear Saro, a few months ago I wrote you about my little yorkie that has cancer. She was failing fast, her temp was down to 97 and she shook all the time and was hiding throughout my home, I think getting ready to die. You directed me to the ketogenic diet which I put her on. I just wanted to thank you and report to you that she's doing fantastic and now seems more like 2 yrs old than 12. Thank you again for helping me to help her. You're a blessing!

  2. Humans have has good results using a "TRUE" Keto for children with epileptic seizures along with some adults. Let me clarify that a high fat diet is not necessarily a true KETO diet. That being said is there any studies on using a Keto diet to reduce or prevent seizures in dogs?

  3. Actually, I read a study that dogs do produce the enzymes to deal with carbs. Wolves don't.

    Purdue University did a study where if you have your dog eat vegetables 3 times per week, you drop the risk of them getting Cancer by 90%.

  4. Keto is not "recently introduced". It has been around for hundreds of years as a treatment for epilepsy in people.

  5. It’s true! Kibble is full of starch or sugar and plant based food and very little meat product. Canines primary eat meat in the wild not a salad.

  6. I just stumbled on your video, my dog has just been diagnosed with cancer, I myself am on a Keto diet, im seriously thinking of starting my dog on keto DO I FEED HER RAW MEAT im desperate i need help please im not sure what to give her Im keto

  7. My 12 yr old yorkie has cancer and also extreme pancreatitis. How would I get around that if I put her on this diet?

  8. I wish i'd understood this sooner. My dog was diagnosed feb 9 and died from cancer 3 wks ago. I tried to research as much as i could, and finally was understanding how i could have helped her, but just a little too late. She was 13, and i know not feeling well for awhile. I just chalked it up to age, gave her CBD, which i'm sure helped, but wish i'd known about this. I'm sure it could have helped.

  9. I've been feeding homemade raw keto diet for over 7months since my dog was diagnosed with MCT cancer. I have a website devoted to it and a FB group with thousands of members helping to learn this diet to aid in the battle against canine cancers. message me for any info! www DOT ketopoweredK9 DOT com

  10. Wow, loved learning about keto diet for dogs with cancer. Your channel is so great. Thanks so much.

  11. Great informative video! Great presentation!

  12. Great video. Dogs and humans are both omnivores. Humans do well on a mixed diet while dogs are much more strict carnivores. I can't think of any natural situation where dogs would get any grain. I am also a holistic chiropractor like Dr Berg. We both advocate a plant based diet with some healthy free range meats. This week I released a video on Keto for humans, and will be releasing another about Keto and Fasting soon. Keto is great for humans especially if they have an insulin or weight issue.

  13. I LOVE the ketogenic diet! I’ve lost 15 pounds on it and it really helps me maintain my weight, especially after going through menopause. And it helped me get my blood sugar levels under control after the doctor told me I was prediabetic. Do you have any good recipes for keto dog snacks?

  14. Great video, new diets always fascinate me and I've never thought of putting a dog on keto, but I defiantly see the pros of it. Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

  15. What are your experiences with keto diet? Have you heard of keto diet? Leave you thoughts and comments bellow.

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