List of carbs to avoid to lose weight / list of low carb foods for weight lose / weight loss routine

List of carbs to avoid to lose weight / list of low carb foods for weight lose / weight loss routine / low carb diet plan / low carb routine
hello friends
here i m shareing the best indian low carb diet plan that is full of high protein and perfect meal plan to lose weight till 10 pounds fast in 2 weeks .this weight lose diet plan is inspried by celebrity bhumi pednekar weight lose.
plz follow our low carb diet plan or high protein diet that is the best diet plans for losing weight and check out list of low carb foods for weight lose .

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  1. These are very much common diet plan

  2. Your video is too long and irritating also

  3. Nice Di aap NE bahut aache tarike see samjhaya h ……..

  4. Brown rice are not that good. It contains high arsenic and phytic acid.. Brown rice has more disadvantages than advantages

  5. A diet se weaknesses fill hoti hai for mai jaldi thak jati hu kam nhi kar pati hu mai beautycian hu

  6. Why should we avoid banana? can you please explain

  7. I shed 17 pounds while following the "fetching tuti space" (Google it). This product is best for those who are happy to adjust their way of life to experience weight loss. It is a wonderful feeling that my body is now shedding a lot of fat..

  8. Very nice video.
    Love from Pakistan

  9. only science teacher can draw this .hahaha.anyhow good job👍👌👌

  10. बहुत अच्छी जानकारी आप ने दी है ।।

  11. Your writing on white board is too gud…..And your diet plan too

  12. Ur content is good however, the explaination is not worthy it seems like we are having a boring class
    Take this as a feedback but not comment

  13. I feel like I m in biology class

  14. Hairgrowth diet, vedio add pls

  15. Mam why to soak almonds overnight in water?can't we have it lydat?

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