Low-Stress Family Dinners

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  1. lolling at her gently placing the sweet potato down paired with the meditation music 0:23

  2. All Hindu family’s must eat together to make sense of there day. Other religions and belief systems do not abide by this rule! Unless they are abroad’

  3. Reading the comments before watching just made my day XD

  4. number one was not a dinner it was a snack…… or am I the only one who eats cereal for dinner

  5. You lost me at sweet potato 😝😝

  6. First one was like an appetizer…

  7. at 00:14 did anyone else think their cat was meowing?

  8. fucking tuscan shit garbage..

  9. Im guessing the silly fucks that put this video together dont have families. In what world is slicing sweet potato rounds, and individually topping them stress free, it would take far too much time and effort. Silly bastards.

  10. After these videos, even though I probably won’t like it, my mouth is watering, my stomach is growling, and I’m always in the mood to cook 👩🏻‍🍳

  11. I'm not taking the time and effort to slice and roast a bunch of sweet potatoes for that crap, when I could just "bake" them in the microwave and add that shit as toppings. Then I'd get to listen to my kids asking what else is for dinner because, wtf that is not a meal!

  12. Thanks for the healthy low stress family meal ideas . My family will love them, and because I love my family I cook healthy meals for them even after working hard. "A houses work is never through " and that's normal . challenge is good it builds character and endurance plus you gain wisdom by trial and error in all things .

  13. I is that suppose to fill your stomach?we asian eat everything with rice.im not chinese im malaysian.

  14. Love these recipes and the baking part. Let the oven do most of the work.

  15. 1/4 of the recipes was low stress. Sheet pan jambalaya was different.

  16. Trying to get my picky ass kids to eat any of this certainly will not be low stress. Low stress is throwing spaghetti in the pot and adding jar sauce. boom. low stress dinner.

  17. Glad I am not the only one who thinks these are not low stress dinners. To me low stress is heating up a jar of spaghetti sauce and boiling some pasta.

  18. Adjustment excuse off distinction pray jacket round palm divine.

  19. How is this low stress?!?! And can you add new recipes and not old ones or new ones that is in every vid

  20. Y’all are lazy af, these recipes are as easy as it gets. Throw everything on a sheet pan tf!!

  21. The two last recipes are amazing

  22. I made the Tuscan white bean stew and it's so good! honestly it was quite quick to make and pretty healthy too. Defo reccomend

  23. To make cooking "low stress" just boil pasta from Russia:)

  24. sweet potato pizza bytes
    time take to make : 45 min(approx)
    time take to eat : less than 10 min (may be even less)

  25. If this is low stress, than what is stress…

  26. i made the jambalaya but with basmati rice bc it’s the only thing my brown ass home owns but with brown rice it’d be pretty good

  27. The first one is an app, and the second one is a side dish at best.

  28. Sweet potato pizza bites are not a family dinner lol

  29. News basement because pickup soon roll dominant variable rule jacket plastic brother.

  30. Pls make video where doesn’t come that fucking cheese.

  31. Hey @Tasty, what happened to the "oh yes" at the end??

  32. I'll be honest, child me wouldn't eat a single one of these. ADULT me might consider them if you take out the capsicum, as it's the ONE food I hate and seems to be in everything.

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