MEAL PREP | 9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

My long awaited meal prep video is here! I do meal prep different than most because I prep ingredients over full meals for greater variety and flexibility in my meals throughout the week. Today, I’ll show you 9 ingredients that you can meal prep, as well as several healthy recipes for a little inspiration. But feel free to let your kitchen creativity run wild! I hope you guys enjoy these meal prep ideas and if you’d like to see more in the future, let me know in the comments below.

PS – As a reminder, all healthy recipes and meal prep on my channel and website are always gluten-free.

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  1. Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this healthy meal prep video. If you've been watching my Instagram stories you'll see that I've been enjoying this fruits of this meal prep for the last week. Ha! And combining a few items with an upcoming salmon recipe. So yum! If you'd like to see more meal prep videos in the future, let me know in the comments below. Happy Wednesday! xo – Lisa

  2. These type of women are so thick, she talks about her kitchen toweling, being dye free etc.. yet is using non stick trays which have been shown to release toxic chemicals into foods, also the paint on her walls, contain more poisons which have been connected with triggering certain bodily cancers. .This is just two examples, there's way more than that! My point? Don't try and act like your a smart arse on toxicity levels, unless you aknow your stuff and are going to inform us of all the dangers in your kitchen, just shut up and do your cooking, as that's all most women know, even though this so called area of expertise is also being superseded by male chefs too.
    Why do women always try to act like they know everything, yet when when quizzed deeply, know nothing? If your cooking, stick with your cooking, don't start talking about other stuff, you clearly know nothing about! Leave the expertise for men, who basically made everything in your damn kitchen in the first place, for you to be able to this show.

  3. love the idea of pre-prep but wish it was available in a printed form with time and temps for someone like me that is new to all this

  4. I subscribe immediately..I just turn gold(50) and I want to be healthy…your video is most helpful.. Thanks;)

  5. Great Video! Its very inspiring and professional produced!

  6. I thought that olive oil wasn't good for cooking as it becomes toxic at high temps?

  7. I freakin lovveeeee sweet potatoes!! I eat them nonstop lol

  8. Thanks for sharing! A small brush for oil on the veg could be handy. It may use less oil and better result.

  9. If you already do this, you should consider preparing sauce too. Most can be kept for 5ish days in the fridge or freezer.

  10. Wow! This meal prep is awesome! Thank you for making this video!😍💖💓

  11. This video makes meal prep easy and healthy. I am looking forward to using these ideas. Thank you.

  12. Really instressful way to do meal prep , you are very organized , you do things in such a simple way . Bravo Madame. Love from Tunisia and sorry for my English i am francophone.

  13. Isnt the white rice too starchy?

  14. I microwave my sweet potato wrapped in a wet paper towel first,,3 minutes,, easy to slice,
    Peel potato first or poke holes in skin,, potato may burst in microwave,
    Love your cooking ,, lv lv jilly
    I have a facebook, , jillys art ,, I do recipes,,

  15. Excelent. . Beautiful kitchen! Excelent voice.

  16. Thank you for your videos!!! your such an inspiration!!!!

  17. I loved this video so much I feel like there something different than the other videos , and thanks god I found your channel 💖💖👏🏼

  18. Thank you! Loving your videos

  19. how about bacteria in rice it not supposed to be reheated, or freshness of the food after few days, don't think eggs are good to keep for days after cooking?

  20. Love this! Thanks for taking your time to explain

  21. You can make white chocolate strawberries with white bark chocolate from walmart.

  22. Amazing ideas!! Can I storage sliced zucchini in the same way of zucchini noodles?
    Thanks a lot for your videos you always inspire me!

  23. Hey, a healthy food idea that doesn't kill me due to trypaphobia. Thanks for raising my hopes in myself. 🙂

  24. The description says that the recipe will be up in 5 minutes but its been 7 months…

  25. Thanks so much for your Receipes. I live alone, and when I go shopping I like to get a list for the things that I need, at least for a week in advance. I also like to watch Recepes from where my Families lives in Honduras and Guatemala, where I grow up as a child. I enjoyed your Video. I watched Martha Stewart about Food Receipes. I live to cook, because my Grand Parents and my Mom taught me how to cook, more or less; when they were alive. We used to have a Farm, where we my Step-Father used to plant, Watermelons, Melons, Tomatoes, Unions, Cilantro, Mint, etc. And we used to have Moliendas. Making Sugar Canes, Batidos, Melcochas, Caramelos. It was so much fun. I just feel, homesick. Gid Bless you for all you do. I hope you enjoy my comment too. Bye.

  26. Loved your video; you make it look easy. Thank you:)

  27. Love your video! Something that stuck out to me was when you said you eat white rice rather than brown, because it’s easier on your digestion. How did you find out that brown rice was not beneficial for you?

  28. How anybody eat spinach without cooking☹😓

  29. I just made scrambled eggs over your sweet potato toast, it was SO yummy!!! I absolutely hate eggs but now I have a yummy way to eat them! Thank you so much!

  30. You are so inspiring!! My trainer shared your meal prep video with me . Love it. Ive just ordered a spiraliser 🙂

  31. Is this lady super tiny or is the food super large?

  32. usually my mouth waters when i watch cooking videos but im parched right now

  33. The sweet potato is different here in Brazil. The color is so different…🧐

  34. That spice drawer is amazing! I really wish raw veggies weren't so hard on my system. I usually have to roast or lightly cook them to soften them up some

  35. Hi! Love this video! Love the simplicity and nutritious essentials. Prepping is so new for me. Always felt like it was too much/too difficult but you made it look pretty darn easy. Thank you!!

  36. wow this woman is all about efficiency 💐

  37. i adore this video <3 thank you. Im starving now xD

  38. I think you could make meal preps forever and i'd still be watching… :)))
    Thank you for sharing your awesomeness!!! 🙂 Much love!!

  39. great video. I have been looking for better ways to eat since I was given my Hashimoto's diagnosis. Thank you ans look forward to the next one

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