MOTHER’S DAY Recipe for Gluten Free SUGAR COOKIES with Dairy Free Icing | Healthy Dessert for Mom!

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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen Abbey welcomes two special guests, Abby Langer’s daughters. They join her in the kitchen to make a special batch of gluten free sugar cookies with dairy free icing for their Mom.

For this recipe a stand mixer is preferred, Abbey happens to have a Kitchenaid available, but any stand mixer would be fine. Start off by combining your butter, your brown sugar, and your maple syrup. Set your stand mixer to medium and let those ingredients mix together for just a bit. Next you will add in your almond flour, which is a big part of what makes this recipe gluten free. After that pour in some vanilla extract followed by some almond extract, a pinch of salt, a pinch of cinnamon and then crack an egg into the mixing bowl as well. Abby’s daughters both wanted the honor of cracking the egg so Abbey played a clever game with them to see who got to do the cracking. Once your egg is into the mixing bowl you are ready to make your dough. Simply turn on the mixer and let it do its job until your ingredients reach a doughy consistency.

Pull your mixing bowl off of the stand and reach right in there for your dough. In Abbey’s case they made so much dough they decided to vacuum seal and freeze half of it. Put flour down on your counter top to prevent your dough from sticking as you roll it out fairly flat. Using your choice of cookie cutters cut out the shapes you want and put them onto a parchment paper lined baking pan. Cook them at 350’F, just long enough to get slightly golden brown.

Now, it’s time to make the icing. Break your mixer back out and add a good amount of what appears to be confectioners’ sugar. Refer to the video to get a better idea of exactly how much you should be adding. Once your sugar is in add unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some almond extract. Raise up your mixing bowl and mix these ingredients on slow. You are making icing so when the contents of the bowl start to look like icing it’s safe stop mixing. Abbey splits her icing into three separate icing bags and adds a bit of food coloring to each. This is a great trick to bring some pizazz to your cookies. Snip the tip off of your icing bags and decorate each cookie any way you feel compelled to do so with the icing. Abby’s daughters also add gumdrops and some sort of candy sparkle to theirs for flair.

Your cookie baking is done and your sugar cookies are now ready for Mom. Abbey decides it might be nice to print out some cards for the girls to give to their Mom along with the cookies, which they do. Celebrate this Mother’s with something special for Mom, even if it isn’t these gluten free sugar cookies with dairy free icing.

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  1. So cute! Love decorating cookies! Happy Mother's Day too!

  2. this is healthy indeed! well done!

  3. aah! gluten free! appreciate that!!

  4. my mum will be pleased :o)))

  5. great idea abbey, I like it! 🙂

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  8. my mom will be pleased! thank you soo much for this Abbey! 👏😍

  9. ah! wonderful recipe, thank you Abbey! 🙂

  10. How adorable! My kiddos love to join me in the kitchen too, it's a great bonding time.

  11. How fun! My girls would love to make these colorful cookies. And Abby's daughters are adorable!

  12. This was wonderfully made!! Love that you include kids in the whole process!

  13. These look so lovely! I'd make the cookies with vegan butter or coconut oil for truly dairy free 🙂

  14. Isn't cooking w kids fun?! 😂 So sweet you had Abby's girls help you in the kitchen!

  15. SO adorable – making Mother's Day memories together 🙂 This is a super cute video-

  16. Dairy free icing? I love it…and this video. Super cute!

  17. Haha, that's such a precious video! Love the sandstorm of sugar, haha. And this icing looks delicious!

  18. I'm impressed by your little helpers egg cracking skills. I still end up with shells in my stuff lol.

  19. Wow what a nice idea for baking cookies for Mom!

  20. These look great! Going to share with my SIL who is gluten-gree

  21. Too cute – I love this! And sugar cookies 🙂

  22. OMG! Jordan is totally a mini-Abby!!

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