My 16 Favourite Healthy Vegan Recipes


  1. You are so super cute!!!! Thank you for this, i have an extremely picky 7y/o vegan girl, and i think she'll defiantly love a lot of these;)

  2. I’m only on day 3 of being vegan but this video helped me so much. Now I have some good recipes to start with. Thank you! ❤️

  3. Been a vegetarian for years and just recently decided to go Vegan. Ty for all those helpful and healthy recipes ❤❤❤

  4. That laughing cow ad tho before the vid lol

  5. In your first dinner idea you said it had meatballs – I didn't see any meatballs.

  6. thts too much of your face and less of the food. I was here to see food, not you, babes

  7. why are vegans so sexy? im still yet to meet an ugly one

  8. Love you video but it is so hard to listen to you talk with the music. It is like over powering. Not sure why there is music. It like 2 people are talking and so confusing

  9. So much food inspiration 😍

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  11. Almond milk is a misnomer as it is only 2% almonds. I don't understand why people drink it at all. Tastes gross.

  12. Congrats but is being vegan really worth wasting the extra animal porduce that vegans dont buy and let it go to waste?

  13. Hi(: I just wanted to let you know i think you are really beautiful. Also thank you for taking the time to make all these recipes

  14. Sorry thumps down, you speak too much !

  15. This is such an amazing and helpful video girl, thank you 💚

  16. 500 likes…

    positivity always wins!!!!

  17. I don't want to break it to you but veggie meat has enzymes from animals, download scan halal so that you can scan your item and know if it's vegan/vegetarian.😜😎😐🤓🤔

  18. Yay they are all so easy to make gonna make some soon

  19. Thanks for the good vibes! Videos like this are why I love YouTube:) Would love to support each other! Keep up the good work!

  20. Thanks for sharing this video on vegan recipes and tips <3 I'm going to try the recipes in this video, it looks really good! 🙂

  21. did you vote for Hillary clinton?

  22. Why add music over talking???

  23. these look really good and healthy, thank you for making this!

  24. oh wow why dident i serch youtube for recipis a long time ago im vegitarian by my choice my mom and sis are not vegitarians i had to learn to cook my own food and we have fruit bushes and trees and chickes i cant do vegan but the recipise ill definetly use

  25. Have you seen what they do the almonds mom's to get that milk?!!

  26. I love you!!!! Thank you so much for this

  27. When u aim for 500 and get 2.2M

  28. Trying to learn to cook, not blow my fucking speakers up

  29. love it! more videos please..

  30. this is very missleading and some of these recipes are very acidic and can negatively effect your akaline state. to balance this i always resort to this source:

  31. This is everything, today I'm gonna make a few of this recipes thank you so much

  32. I love nutritional yeast with fried squash it is delicious and fried tomatoes

  33. I really wish I likes rice paper there is so much you can do. But it reminds me of eating skin 😂 so gross but i just can't get that thought out my head lol it's just so weirdly chewy

  34. One question on the watermelon salad? I am trying to go without oil as well. Do you think it will ruin the dressing recipe if I do not add the oil?

  35. I love your zest for life and for sharing how to eat a whole food plant based diet. I am new and this is so helpful to me. I love everything you shared. Thanks and please keep them coming!

  36. This video was perfect! New subscriber. I'm trying vegan for a month to feel healthier and these recipes sound awesome

  37. This video was perfect! New subscriber. I'm trying vegan for a month to feel healthier and these recipes sound awesome

  38. I like what you're saying, but I really can't 'hear' you. Please take a deep breath and slow down!! We really want to catch what you're saying, but you're speaking way too fast. 🙂

  39. If i have to wait every day 25 minutes i Will be late always 😂

  40. When you're mentioning cooking in milk is different than cooking in water, just be aware that it applies to animal milk only. Almond milk is completely different – it's not really milk, it's water and almonds 🙂 Otherwise, great recipes!

  41. what's that song in the background?

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