My favorite healthy dinner | Real Life Daily – S02E08

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  1. Dorood Negin jan
    First of all i wonna start with that i like your videos, great job really!
    m ex Model of te year 2013 of Belgium, Ive also different international awards for my movie! Well long story short, im starting a professional YouTube channel in januari, it would be nice if we could like colab in the future and if youre interested i can pm you the trailer so you can see my work

  2. Definitely keep up with the healthy living in vids, any workouts as well would be great and also where you gathered your knowledge.

  3. Please share more of the recipes yu make !!!

  4. I would really like to know about the documentaries we should watch about food and health. I feel like I am eating so bad and would like to change that and know about it more

  5. where are your earrings from?

  6. I think 2 and 4 for your clothes

  7. can you do a tutorial on how you do your braids:)!

  8. yessssssss more about food!! and recipes and stuff!! you are the best!!

  9. I love learning more about your diet and have loved some of the recipes you've been showing us. You should either do a video on more recipes that you eat on a regular basis or maybe even a blog post!

  10. My favorite breakfast that i make EVERY mornings is the oatmeal recipe with banana and I can't stop eating it haha

  11. I love the way you eat now! I also follow a plant based diet, and it works amazingly for me! 🙂

  12. I Think it's really interesting to discover more about healthy food. And of course the first reason why you need to eat good food is your own health. Thank you so much for sharing your diet. This is really interesting and inspiring.

  13. The second white dress is so beautiful and sexy!!!

  14. LOVE that you're using your platform for fabulous things!! A plant-based diet is the most amazing thing for our bodies, the planet and of course the animals!! Cowspiracy and Earthlings are also amazing on this teaching <3

  15. The red one is really great)

  16. What lipstick is she wearing? Love it 😊

  17. omg yes, healthy food goals 🤩❣️

  18. More plant based recipes!!!🙌🏼😁

  19. That salad looked amazing!!!! You of course are gorgeous in each of the outfits❤️❤️❤️but I love how cute you guys were singing in the car.

  20. love this negin can u do what i eat in a day xx

  21. Negin, thank you for sharing your now plat-based diet! I love seeing what you eat + knowing that your goal is to be healthier and not skinnier or prettier. Now that sadlyyyy you're ending your vlog days i'd love to see more of your meals on instagram!!! maybe update your plant-based story highlight? xx

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