My Sugar Free Diet | The War On Sugar | Day 1

My war on sugar has begun with my sugar free diet! Today was a full day without sugar, eating clean sugar free foods. That means: I consumed no foods which contained any refined sugars. Was it difficult? Not really. It’s just scary how many of the “healthy foods” we eat everyday contain added sugar.

It doesn’t get healthier than this folks. If you can cut sugar out your diet, you can do anything 😀

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  1. "It's day one … 29 days left … don't know why I'm doing this." 🤣🤣🤣 Literally me every time I start a new diet. 😭😭

  2. you can make Mayo with olive oil and 'aqua faba', the water from garbanzo beans

  3. Very informative 😊 thanks

  4. This is a "no added sugar" diet, not "sugar free". Fruit and milk have sugar in them

  5. hey! I also started to cut down on sugar, because its one of the reasons I coudnt get rid of acne. I do sugar free, dairy free, gluten free recipes on my channel. If youre interested try them out! 🙂

  6. Watching this in 2018! 🙏

  7. There’s plenty of sugar in fruits – oats .- yogurt and onion.

  8. Bruh, u already messed up.

    There's 0.2g sugar in eggs
    0.6g sugar in cheese
    1.7g sugar in potatoes
    0.7g sugar in rice.

    That's 3.2g of sugar right there bruh

  9. It is really bad for dogs to eat their own puke

  10. I stopped watching when u made breakfast bc thats definetely not sugar free, fruits contain so much sugar even tho it is healthier but i need 100% sugar free diet

  11. Lol I only mentioned it because in the video you seemed self conscious while you stepped on to the scale…Lol
    Awesome pup!

  12. Hey Sean, you've got some pretty nice looking feet but I think if you were to clean your toe nails with WITCH HAZEL before bed & let it soak in the nail bed you should notice clearer nail beds. Something a friend of mine shared with me after I smashed my pinky toe & toe #4 …. ( the last 2 toes) lol No need to be self conscious about a injury from your battle on the field. 👍🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Just so you know apples count as sugar, well all fruits are really all sugar….

  14. ok it was cool until you let your dog est her vomit!!!

  15. You must be rich to be able to eat sugar free. Sad but true.

  16. Dairy is more toxic than sugar. Avoid both altogether!

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  18. lmao it's almost impossible to find food with out sugar in it. It pisses me off!

  19. Its not excatly sugar free diet because your eating fruits and veggies what contains glucose and fructose its basically like eating white sugar with minerals vitamins and fiber.

  20. Are carbs sugars aswell?

  21. Sugar is not the problem. Animal fats and oil are the problem. Look at this chick thrilling on a sugar diet

  22. theres no sugar in cheese, there no sugar in mayo, wtf youre talking about?

  23. That was absolutely fucking crap I'd give up if I was you

  24. That dogs lush X what is it?

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  26. Somebody needs to prepare before sudden diet change. Curry powder for rice, cinnamon/vanilla for sweets or turmeric soup and stews. There is so much out there. You're more going against processed than sugar really.
    Man I wish I knew where my pasta maker disappeared to.

  27. Did I miss something? Why no cheese in those eggs? There's more sugar in sweet potato than normal cheddar cheese. I definitely must have missed something.

  28. oh love your puppy! thank you for the encouragement to get us all off sugar. starting today.x

  29. i wanna try this, say hello to your new subscriber subbed

  30. For those wondering about breakfast!!!!!!Most store bought Hash brown packages won't have sugar added. Also most french fries won't have sugar as bad as that sounds for breakfast, it usually works with some eggs and onions. Just keep an eye out for dextrose over 2% on dietary labels, as that is a starch based glucose that can act as a sweetener. Very addicting. Avocado and hash browns is my favorite. Some times eggs and cheese, but I personally can't stand eggs alone. Also I will do a plain greek yogurt with bananas or other fruit, and honey as sweetener. Honey is sugar but in a different form. Its really up to you. Too much fruit or fructose isn't healthy for the diet though, so balance your vegetables and fruit. Also while cutting out sugar, i heard it's advisable, almost permisable to eat alot of fats and proteins such as nuts, seeds, and berries. Also i like to have some olives, and i always use olive oils or avocado oil for cooking.
    hope this helped.

  31. you can buy vegan mayonnaise and coconut sugar and dates they are great

  32. Hi just watched your video Sean. I am up for a sugar free. diet. what food you made with the chicken can you give the recipes thanks Cat x

  33. Maybe you can do another series of no-sugar, now that you've gone vegan? 🙂 I've been vegan for a year and a half, but just chucked the sugar a few days ago (not fruit, but added sugar), and would love to get some new ideas in the mix!

  34. Are you living in SA? I saw yogurt from woolies and tiger oats?

  35. I started today ✌🏻Great content, thanks

  36. What about no sugar at all, not even natural sugars. Let's be real. Cane sugar is natural 😛

  37. i just watched the documentary Fed Up and now i'm gonna do this, i already don't drink soda and cook quite healthy but i do love chocolate -.- wish me luck and will power haha

  38. Do you recommend any good cooking books?

  39. whats the diff with natural sugar from fruits and refined sugars ?

  40. Is it good to eat that many carbs though? so much fruit, starchy veggies and dairy.
    Or its only during the detox time???

  41. So how many times do you eat a day ?

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