This is what I made for Christmas Dinner last year! Also, it makes a great vegan Roast Dinner! I hope you guys enjoy the recipes, it went down a treat at my house on Christmas!


Pie –

Vegan Gravy –



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  1. Just wanted to give little feedback. For the 24th I made the mac and cheese and for the 25th the pie. There was great feedback on both of them so thx so much for your inspiration. All in all I might went a little bit overboard because there was so much food which also took a long time to make. Still loved it!

  2. I thought for a sec that the vegan Christmas dinner was the Christmas tree

  3. She looks amazing, and she has such a great personality

  4. Looks great! Looking forward to try it out this Christmas!!

  5. Hmm… Your rosemarry looks like thyme 😀

  6. I’d rather eat my own shit

  7. 5 seconds in. Subscribed.

  8. na ill stick to a classic turkey dinner thanks

  9. Vegan's are not welcomed in the Black community…lol jk

  10. Love all your recipes. Thank you thank you thank. I want to introduce my family into the vegan lifestyle. It'll be extremely difficult. We're from Mississippi and Chicago. But being healthy is more important. I will definitely be using your recipes in my home and hopefully I can make vegans it off us all. One bite at a time..🤔🤗

  11. That’s not gravy sis. Still luh you though 😩

  12. Please help I am not seeing the link for the recipes… Where do I find them

  13. You nailed it! That is one, sexy baaadass pie !😍

  14. I love your channel Rachel. I will definitely try these recipes during the holidays this year. You are so passionate about what you do and it reflects in your videos and I am a huge fan..Lots of love from India!!

  15. Defo trying this, this year 🖤

  16. Can’t wait to blow away the family this Christmas

  17. I found your channel by looking up vegan recipes. The Board (my mind) has been holding on to the contract (notion) for a while🤔🧐. And just watching your channel, the food you prepare….I think the Board is impressed and ready to sign…😁😁😁😁

  18. This is incredible. How many would this serve, and could i make this for a tenner. Sorry for asking so many questions. Lol

  19. I just found your channel and can’t stop watching! Can’t wait to try these yummy dishes! 💕💕

  20. I did the pie yesterday AMAZING u r awesome

  21. Also just found your channel can't wait to try some of your recipes, love from a Brit living in New Zealand

  22. Not sure about mac and cheese for Christmas dinner but the rest looks really good. Love your personality too, a lot of fun to watch

  23. Seriously, you are just genius! This looks amazing😍

  24. i never eat meat im a vegan

  25. Wow! you are very Inspiring! Would love to connect and support your channel!

  26. Oh WOW I wish I saw this before Christmas….Doesn't really matter though, I'll def be making all of these very soon anyways! So happy I found your channel!

  27. for your nut roast go to aventgarde vegan for christmas

  28. How long did you cook the roasted potatoes in the oven?

  29. all of your recipes are delicious af

  30. 😍😍 it looks soooo tasty! Im it vegan but I’d love to try this

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