Natural Doping Healthy Dessert Recipe That Gives Energy

Hello, gentlemen, we will prepare a plate of energy to give you a natural doping recipe
When you want something sweet, you do not cook it in 10 minutes. Useful and healthy ingredients
Donut grass honey walnut cream whipped cream or slice goat horn biscuit banana bitter chocolate
We are preparing bananas first Thin bananas are cut in chunks of chopped bananas Add a bowl to the top of the honey we add the crunchy blanket with a wooden spoon Add crushed bananas
Black seed is very healthy but more harmful
Crush the biscuit and add cream on it. I left a space in the middle of the round shape. I prepare the walnuts I crush the walnuts with the wooden spoon, add the crushed walnuts to the middle, add the goat horn powder add some honey, your mix is ​​ready
We will add some bitter chocolate around the rim of bitter chocolate
I do not recommend it to children who are too mobile to be suitable for children
Add the grated chocolate around the gorgeous mix ready

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