Piers Morgan Hospitalized From Vegan Food

Piers Morgan took one bite of a vegan sausage roll on live tv. And several days after he’s in the hospital with stomach inflammation saying the vegan sausage roll was the cause. Oh really?

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  1. Morgan's always been an idiot, but at least he used to pretend otherwise.

  2. There have been 100’s of cases where babies and adults are hospitalized because there not getting enough fats proteins and vitamins a lady found her baby dead in her crib because she was sick and had pneumonia because she wasn’t getting enough food think about what stuff is doing to ur body there are plenty of places that wait till animals are very old and then humanly kill the animals we can actually survive off just meat you can’t with just vegetables 🤣🤣🤣you people are very very very stupid

  3. I'm sorry, I have tasted vegan sausage and I do not like it, vegans can have them for themselves.

  4. Just wondering is happy and healthy related to vegans? I think not probably religion

  5. I'm type 2 diabetic and find it impossible to do the vegan diet because I'm not allowed carbs 🙁

  6. I can't stand Piers. He's a huge jerk.

  7. i'm a 61 year old vegan… Piers Morgan looks much older than me!! he should go vegan! 😛

  8. Such HYPOCRISY and a Double Standard. Does anyone remember Oprah and her show about the beef industry and how much money she had to payout for Her "Free" speech? (Oprah was victorious in the trial, but look at how much She had to spend to defend herself). Yet, this Clown gets away with libel and slander and all is okay. I'll never forget when Piers promoted the flu shot and days later he had the flu ~ Of course Piers just wants us all to forget about that!

  9. It's all business. I'm sure he is making bank. On the Netflix Documentary called "What the health?" They explain how the Heart association and others are sponsored by meat and dairy producing companies to advertise their products. I'm sure the're are also influencer pay offs and celebrity pay offs as well.

  10. Why do all vegans look so nutrient deficient? Oh wait.

  11. Piers Morgan gets off on knowing he acts like a twat. What a kick that must be.

  12. Get you a Bible! We are supposed to eat meat!!!! If you don't want to eat animals that's fine but don't knock people who do! Also our brains run off of animal protein not plant protein. Js

  13. Thank god for your voice! The truth must be heard. 🌼🌸🌹

  14. That was one Mean Carrot.
    The Pathetic excuse for a man got beat up by a veggy 🤣😂🤣

  15. Vegans are becoming like these lgbt freaks, like : Hey look at me I am a vegan, pleaseeee, they have to be everywhere and promote their shat to everyone, I’m asking WHY

  16. There are a ton of shitty added ingredients in vegan “meat”.. vegans should stick to whole food plant based.. its not healthy to eat things that have 20+ ingredients that no one can pronounce.. the chemicals in food these days..

  17. I hate vegans, now we have a vegan wendsday in school and i need to spend my own money to go to the pizza resturant to buy a meatlovers pizza……

  18. Right. So he spit up half a bite and his co-host eats the entire thing and she's completely fine. Must be the vegan sausage! The Morgan dance is your chance to do the herp!

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