Plantain Appetizers Recipes – How to Make Plantain Appetizers

In this episode of “What’s Cooking?” Michael travels to St. Louis where Allrecipes home cook, Nelly, teaches us how to make Plantain Appetizers!

Nelly prepares four Puerto Rican appetizers using the humble plantain. She begins with tostones rellenos stuffed with picadillo (seasoned ground beef) and cheese. These are great as a side dish or appetizer! Aranitas (little spiders) come out crunchy and look so pretty on the plate. Remember to season them as soon as they come out of the oil. Mofongo might not look like much, but it sure is tasty. Made of mashed green plantains with garlic, olive oil, and pork rinds (or bacon), Mofongo goes well with chicken or fish broth and can be stuffed with garlic shrimp, carne frita, or octopus salad. It can also be formed into small balls and dropped in soups or served directly in a mortar. This is sure to become one of your guilty pleasures! And finally, she makes quick, easy, and delicious shrimp served over white rice or mofongo.

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  1. This is now one of my favorite videos!

  2. Where does one get one of those things to make the tostones cups (stuffed plantain cups)?

  3. They forgot one of the most important tip! A plantain's flavor greatly varies based on how ripe it is. Use fresh, green plantains for a starchy, potato-like flavor. If you want a sweet, banana-like flavor for a desert dish, let it age until the skin turns black. It will look spoiled and inedible, but unlike bananas it will still be very much alive inside.

  4. @KpopLunatic No. Bananas are a sweet fruit and plantains are essentially a starchy vegetable.

  5. Wow!! Looks really delicious!! ^^
    I dont think we have these in my country.
    Can it be done with normal bananas? 🙂

  6. All mofongo balls must be first killed in a pilong!
    Hehe, love your cool humour!

  7. can you get plantains in canada?

  8. I never tried anything with these things now I know wat to do with them

  9. Great video Michael! I've just recently gotten into plantains, but only the ripe ones. I'll have to give these a try with the green. Thanks!

  10. could you roast these in the oven as opposed to frying them for a healthier option?

  11. @BadMonkeySyndrome LOL internet badman

  12. whoa.. the dark knight itself!!

  13. @deview123 It's crunchy when fried… not as sweet as a banana

  14. They look great. Does the plantain have a similar taste of a banana?

  15. what a great raspy voive that you have Sir!!

  16. He's no Chef John, but he does good work too!

  17. they remind me of jay and gloria

  18. He just poked the plantain with the fork and then ate it with his fingers. Completely unnecessary. 5:10

  19. Glad to see a Latina showing him how to cook them

  20. This was actually quite good in my opinion. A nice change of pace from the freakishly happy female narrator *shudder*

  21. Im sorry but these are the ultimate breakfast item!

  22. Fried bananas.
    Fried bananas.
    Fried bananas.
    Fried bananas.

    Just missing the bacon and MuscleGlasses guy for a epic meal time fry fest.

  23. and as always, enjoy 😀

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