Real Aioli – Egg-Free Garlic “Mayonnaise” – Vegan Aioli Recipe

Learn how to make a real Aioli Recipe! Visit or the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy, and delicious No-Egg Garlic “Mayonnaise” Recipe!


  1. I'm guilty of buying pre-pealed garlics…

  2. I always buy pre-peeled garlic lol its just such a hassle to peel

  3. Yum!! I love anything garlic so definitely trying this!

  4. I usually add a teaspoon of mustard instead of the lemon and it gives the perfect amount of tartness. And if you add water (after you made your "special" mayonnaise) one spoon at a time, you get a delicious sauce/dipping sauce that you can add to fries or steak or whatever

  5. chefe J, u is the real s**t! love from the true white north. ca na da.

  6. Sweet vajesus in heaven, I almost had an orgasm when you cut into that steak.

  7. I subscribed back to you, I don't care if you make me hungry every couple days, I miss you !

  8. How long would this keep in the fridge, or can this be "put up" for long term storage?

  9. Chef Jon, I am madly in love with you

  10. I think I've been subscribed to you for so long that I'm pretty sure you already did a video on this. Nonetheless, it's good to be reminded!

  11. i just threw everything into a food processor and it turned out exactly the same


    ok so now i got my food wish across id like to say that i am an aspiring young cook who loves your videos, thankyou so much and i apreciate every single video, the thought and time and care put into all your work doesn't go un noticed. Also. i think a series on kombucha would be nice 🙂 thanks again!

  13. This looks like a another reason to grill some steaks!

    Did anyone else get sidetracked by the Belgian ale reference?
    My mind flashed to a large gold rimmed glass goblet of Gouden Carolus Grand Cru.

    Thanks Chef!

  14. Is this the same thing as toum?

  15. Mr Chef John Mitzewich, I want you to bear my children

  16. Thanks chef John , I never knew there was a real aioli !!!!

  17. We eat aioli with frites ( french fries) in Montreal

  18. This has… What's that called… Oh! Uh… Flavor! Props to you Chef John

  19. Sorry John, Escoffier used yolk in his aioli. I'm going to have to take his word.

  20. Chef John performance today included a cameo by The Freakishly Small Wooden Spoon! My day is complete!

  21. this is indeed delicious

  22. I'm catalan, from where this was "invented". The actual word is All-i-oli. All means garlic "i" means and; and oli is "oil".
    It is pronunciate somewhat like this: Aye- E -oli

    We put this to everything, mostly bbq meat, toast (in real bread), fries, etc. Don't look for a girlfriend after eating a bunch of this. 😉

  23. Couldn't the emulsification be better accomplished with a stick blender?

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