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This Satwik Bhojan, a healthy platter put together by Ajeeth Janardhananan, Executive Chef, and Dr. Anitha Manoj, Assistant Spa Manager at the Raviz resort and Spa Ashtamudi, Kollam, would help you give a delicious makeover to the monsoon diet.

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  1. Soft Kerala puttu recipe, the healthiest multi grain breakfast

  2. Since Time immorial this is the actual food should be taken 😊👍✌️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌

  3. Satwik bhojan clearly show your ingredients,their picture name

  4. Plants are living beings and feel pain. So plants are murdered just like animals. People in northern climates benefit from eating meat.

  5. Aap itni mooti kyu ho,aur dark cerkels bi hai.

  6. I am lacto vegetarian since 2002. Please tell me how I cook mushrooms without onions and garlic. As I totally like satvic bhojan.

  7. Nowadays the people's eating habits changed to extremely carnivores, they eat from tongue to tail, it is unhealthy and less humane, people should realize the pain and torcher the animals have gone through, just imagine if you are slaughtered and then cooked and served in someone else's plate. Please feel the pain of beheading then you might realize the pain suffered by animals.

  8. Both of these good folks need to introduce the satvik meal into their lives …. Both are over weight

  9. the food was looking really tasty and healty thanks for sharing with us I would eat daily😊Cheers from Ireland

  10. I thought vegetarians were very slim ? No ? Thy are using clay dishes .

  11. Chi I thought it's a virgin vegetarian food channel and even commented but when I checked for more videos I found F** shit and asshole of animal receipe
    Poor animals 😢😢😢😢

  12. Mam let this channel reach great heights if it is giving such wonderful information like this

  13. Modiji must make this compulsory diet for all hindus. Religious minorities can be given excuses on Fridays and sundays respectively

  14. some. people. r. very. judgement al. we. should. try. to. benefits. of. the. show. instead. of. criticising. whether. both. r. fat. when. someone. tells. healthy. way. listen

  15. Garlic is proven healthy by science which increase immunity.

  16. Wow that sweet looks mouth watering. I am a non veg but after watching this I am inspired to become a vegetarian atleast a week every month.

  17. Oops, this isn't butter milk. It's diluted curd.
    In ayurvedic we don't calculate its nutrients, but look for its gun, dosh, prakriti, season etc.
    It's just another YouTube video.

  18. Why cooking in non stick
    Why don't use clay pot

  19. I bet they have 28 hours in one day

  20. The Chef needs Satvik Food compulsorily. He is dangerously playing with cardiac arrest, with this level of obesity. Keralites used to be fit and healthy once, but today, nearly half the population has become obese.

  21. The most Imbalanced diet I have ever known is Jain diet. Lack of protein compared to vegaterian diet. How can u maintain muscle at old age. Oh yeah u can save some fat though. From those carbs.

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