Even if you aren’t a kid anymore, I suggest giving this a watch! These meals are great for all ages, as long as you make more quantity 🙂


Recipe for bliss balls:
1 cup dates
1 cup cashews
1-2 tbsp nut butter or liquid sweetener

Blend in a food processor until sticky and rollable. Roll into small balls. Store in fridge for up to 5 days.

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  1. Awesome video. I’m a kid and want to go vegan. 😂👌🏼

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  7. These look delicious my mom says I can’t be a vegan until I’m 18 because she says I need the nutrients from the meat but I love animals and I don’t wanna kill them 🙁

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  11. I dislike so very much that you have to put a "disclaimer" in your video. You're just sharing and people in my opinion are so damn sensitive! Wonderful ideas and thank you for sharing. I'm starting my daughter's school lunch bag for Monday! I appreciate your inspiration! Many blessings and keep creating and sharing! 😎😍🤗

  12. Pardon me but isn't that a lot of food for a child to eat? Or am I wrong to assume both bowls are to be eaten at the same sitting?

  13. It said vegan in the title
    It's not vegan! For the 2nd one there was cheese and chocolate chips

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  24. I sent this video to my mom and she said for this year she'll try each recipe for my lunch 🙂

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  28. My lunch:
    Organic popcorn (simply balanced brand)
    Kind Granola Bar

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