Southwest Turkey Lettuce Wrap – Healthy Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss – BPI Sports

Need a healthy recipe for dinner tonight? Looking for some new recipes that will help you with your weight loss goals while still packing in a ton of flavor? Leave the bland chicken and dried out rice behind. BPI Athlete and owner of Clean Creations, Barbara Bolotte, has whipped up 5 healthy dinner recipes that will please any palette and help you keep your body in check.

Southwest Turkey Lettuce Wraps


• lean ground turkey
• diced yellow onion
• red and yellow bell pepper diced
• canned black beans
• frozen corn
• cinnamon chipotle
• romaine lettuce (not chopped)
• salt and pepper
• cumin
• cilantro fresh

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  1. "Were not using any olive oil in this dinner" used a shit ton of olive oil pam before sautéing veggies

  2. I can smell it through the laptop screen. LOL Looks good!

  3. I made this last night and it was delicious!! So good, would definitely recommend!

  4. Went shopping beforehand & now it says add salsa.. it wasnt on the ingredients list.

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