Summer Treats : Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe | Treat Ideas for Summer by So Yummy

A favorite summer treat? ICE Cream! Homemade ICECREAM and iced treats are inexpensive, nutritious and delicious, Here is an easy collection of recipes to help you make them at home for less! For more Fun Recipes Click here:

Time Stamp
00:04 – Strawberry Ice Cream Bite
01:00 – Triple Layer Ice Cream Cake
01:59 – Banana Split Bar
02:47 – Unicorn Milkshake
03:46 – Yogurt Pops

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  1. It say healthy on the title it should say diabetes

  2. Why I recipe in two videos ?

  3. For my birthday me,my mum and my sister made the triple layer ice cream cake and left overs for dessert after dinner

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  8. Love it but , healthy ????

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  19. "Healthy homemade ice cream recipe"

    *adds triple layer ice cream cake

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