Three Healthy Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Hey guys! This video is for those of you who want to learn how to eat healthy on a daily basis. I started with dinner, then I go to me making breakfast and lunch the next day! I hope this helps those of you who have been struggling with ideas! For those of you who are taking your health extremely serious, Chicken breast and brown rice would be the better option for you, unfortunately all I had was thighs and white rice! Lol! Thanks for watching guys!

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  1. All of you are so obsessed with rice…hey japan china and india eat rice all time and do you know what they have in common? Theyre not fat!

  2. Do you find that your rice cooker sticks on the bottom? Thanks

  3. By the way, if you watch how factory farms prepare your chicken you would not eat any. Watch Forks over Knives or What the Health. Then you can make healthy meals.By using chicken and butter you are destroying your body.

  4. White rice is fine. Everything in moderation people.

  5. this is the normal/healthy food that i find made by us people. i found out that the people just eat the artifical/processed food at home in US.

  6. Good video I know you only used thighs and white rice because that's all you had at the time but, I get it

  7. Indonesian food is more natural and traditional you can know in recipe erma

  8. Japanese have been eating white rice for a thousand years. White rice isn't the problem. I will tell you what is:

    You guys are eating too much refined flours (pasta, bread), cheese, sugar, milk products, cheap oil, too much cheap meat cooked in high temp. Get rid of this stuff, and you'll be super healthy.

    White rice is fine, as long as it helps you eat a tonne of veggies.

  9. Lose the butter, steam the meat, reduce the meat portion by 25%, and increase veggie portion by 100%.

  10. White rice isn't healthy…

  11. I learned a lot from this video. I actually did but as others has commented, you can switch brown rice for white rice and since your also the person controlling the camera speak in a lower tone. Your video's have excellent potential; but please if your going to become even more watched, I would not post anymore video's with jacked up nails. Just tacky. In the mean time I look forward to more video's from you. Healthy hugs, Joe

  12. i love the plate set you used on the dinner meal. and your right…more veggies than meat …mandatory for good health.

  13. That was great, other then some of the comments below!!! The only thing, I would suggest is that when you go to Trader Joe's, check out the Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals. It's loaded with great minerals and is 100% natural. -George

  14. bamboo steamers are not sanitary

    and not being mean
    but why do have to tell us every little thing
    "your going to open the tuna can with a can opener"

    whay else would anyone use?

  15. yucch
    brown rice has b vitimins
    white rice NONE
    ITS HAS COLOR of death

  16. we are really enjoying your vids and I have a question, what is your opinion on dehydrated foods, meats, fish fruits, etc. do they contain the same amount of proteins and minerals as fresh?

  17. oh! did I mention that eating foods in their natural state of taste leads to eating less because of the taste, not many people like bland foods.

  18. I would if anything just have cinnamon that's it.

  19. Stop adding imitation sugars and seasoning salt to your foods that will help you better, I don't eat my oatmeal with anything because I try to eat my foods the way they are naturally made in my opinion that is a much healthier way to get the nutrition from foods, I know a lot of people can't eat oatmeal plain it takes getting use to.

  20. The only vegetables I hate to eat raw are zucchini and squash. Bleh. 😣

  21. very informative…really u inspire..thnxx

  22. I was with you until I saw that white rice.

  23. Should be brown whole grain rice

  24. I think it would be healthier by replacing white rice with brown rice, less carbohydrate I think, just my opinion

  25. I'm alerted to dairy egg beef lamb and I mainly eat chicken and vegetables like broccoli is that healthy

  26. I need that bamboo steamer 😍

  27. Tiffany, I thank you for your videos. I eat Traders Joes steel cut oat mill for juicing in the morning. It helps with craving, keep blood sugar in check, and keeps me full longer.

  28. Hi Tiffany Just want to say you have lovely HANDS! your nail colour is pretty too! Great Advice !

  29. Are you sponsored by Trader Joe's?

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