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► Dill Pickle
► Sun Dried Tomato
► Red Onion
► Tomatoes
► Lettuce
► Salt + Pepper
► Rye or multigrain bread

Eamon here — would love to get your feedback on this Freestyle Friday episode! If you guys have any suggestions on vegan recipes you’d like to see me whip up… let me know in the comments below…

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  1. I’m definitely going to start making this! I really like rough humus with some whole peas so I’ll love this

  2. im gonna try this!!
    lol there was barely any sandwich left for her to try ahaha poor girl
    and why did their bread already sound toasted when he threw it in the pan? lmfao
    first time watching him and hes funny.
    Is he canadian by the way? or am i just picking up an accent and the cheesiness lol? dont worry im Canadian too
    But yeah deff gonna try this minus the sun-dried tomatoes! All around good but theres so many hygiene issues that were literally making my anxiety skyrocket…

  3. Looks yummy 😋 I want to try it soon!!

  4. I don’t have pickles. 😫

  5. Licking fingers, didn't appear to wash hands after doing so, eating off the spoon and dipping it back into the food is just nasty…glad they are the only ones eating this. Hope the dish taste good, but I'm turned off by the poor cooking habits.

  6. I hope you shared with Bec ! She's your best fan & videographer after all 🥰🙌🏼🌿

  7. Could watch u eat all day.
    A picture of health 🤗 truth!!!

    Honestly, we want to see how U bring it all together w your Chi tea and fruit 🍓 or other desert

    Cover the sink w a cutting board our stainless steal insert and display your starter chi tea set on it 🤗 it is so 🤗beautiful ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️
    When editing maybe… Cut the places you touch or wipe your nose.

  8. Could watch u eat all day.
    A picture of health 🤗 truth!!!

    Honestly, we want to see how U bring it all together w your Chi tea and fruit 🍓 or other desert

    Cover the sink w a cutting board our stainless steal insert and display your starter chi tea set on it 🤗 it is so 🤗beautiful ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️
    When editing maybe… Cut the places you touch or wipe your nose.

  9. Thank you i am going to have to try it! Love chick Peas!

  10. Love the vegan foods.

  11. this is really good! i made it with just chickpeas, pickles, pickle juice, and barbeque sauce because that's what i had. very versatile recipe

  12. Sad I don't have avo I will make without.

  13. This was amazing. I made it with a few changes but it was awesome. Not vegan by the end though.

  14. Mmmmmm that looks really yummy!!

  15. I love the fact that eamon calls a sandwich a sangwich

  16. Making this AGAIN… for lunch! Love it

  17. Just made this & it is soooooo good!

  18. Wow this looks amazing! I'm a vegetarian trying to convince myself to go vegan and this is such a great easy option that could help

  19. I pulled up your 'Freestyle Fridays' video to snag your recipe. It's Lent and my wife is Catholic….So no meat today. We hae never tried this but as often as I have seen you guys enjoying it I thought..hey I think I will make it for her with some Zucchini steak cut fries. May try to find the Ultimate chicken Caesar Wrap and give it a go as a possibility.
    Thanks for the Freestyle Fridays they were fun. Enjoy Mexico…Seems like it is a better trip this time around. Good video…I am inspired to try it!… We made Mushroom veg pizzas on low carb tortillas and faux Cauliflower hot wings last week. Love you guys and your channel.

  20. Unpopular opinion but i CANNOT stand sun dried tomatoes 🤢

  21. I came back to this video because it is an amazing recipe!

  22. NEVER NEVER throw the pit of the avocado away it is so healthy let them dry out then put them in a blender processor whatever it will turn to a powder sprinkle it on tour food I out it in my smoothies so good for you dont throw away

  23. Love the crib keep it up I'm trying that soon.

  24. Dude we love your van life show!
    If you’re going to switch to a cooking show, then don’t lick your fingers then stick em back in the food bowl man c’mon.
    You have guests in your house.
    That’s gross!😝

  25. It's not good to eat chickpeas from can
    …. don't use Anything from can had bpa. ( Bad for you )

  26. If you guys ever get your hands on Hiwa Kai Black Salt at a bulk order natural store, you should try it! It gives vegan devil eggs and potatoes salad recipes that eggy taste 🙂

  27. This looks great! All of my favorite ingredients. Will have to try this maybe tomorrow for lunch. 🙂

  28. great recipe, but hate pickles in food. especially sweet pickles. yuck in salads and sandwiches, but other than that SO TRYING THIS RECIPE. of course minus the pickles and adding mayo.

  29. Tried making this today — delicious!!! 😀

  30. First video I ever watch of you, I subscribed after hearing that rhyme at the beginning

  31. The best chickpea salad I’ve seen ❤️

  32. This was awesome! Thanks!

  33. You are so cool with funny personality , Big like😃💚👌🏼

  34. I made mine with what I had so I used sweet pickle relish, green onions, chopped cashew nuts and avocado with tomatillo sauce. Good and the properly sliced tomato made it great…😉

  35. Just made this, and wow it's so amazing!! Thank you guys so much!!

  36. Cutting those sun dried tomatoes with scissors is the most satisfying thing ever.

  37. Great recipe! Keep making those meatless recipes.

  38. I love that knife. What is the name/brand is it?

  39. that is so weird I have never seen anyone cut a tomato they way Eamon doesn't like I've only see it cut the way he does it in the video 😂

  40. u guys are not typical travellers specially see u guys doing such amazing cooking lv ur chanel

  41. I tried this, and at first, I wasn't sure about the pickel, but it was actually delicious!

  42. Hey guys, just discovered your channel today! Love love love this chickpea sandwich I'm boiling chickpeas as I type😀

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