Veg Lunch Menu Recipes- Andhra Special|Andhra Lunch Menu Recipes||simple South Indian Thali

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  1. Wo jo suji laddu banaya hai wo shi trike se nhi banaya hai, us suji ko pani mai km se km 12 to 15 min tk to sugar k pak mai bhigna chahiye tbhi wo lddu lhane layak hote hai. Warna wo andr se kachhe rhte hai. Thik se nhi pake wo lddu.

  2. For Dahi vada, soon after you remove Vada from oil you need to soak in water. You did it after some time. Your dahi Vada will be hard. Need to improve your andhra style cooking skills for other items. Garam masala and garlic and onions will not be used in all the items. This is just Thali but not andhra style Thali

  3. Indian cuisine is sick. I will never understand it or learn it but I am happy that I can visit your restaurants and temples. Namaskar!🙏

  4. Your way of cooking excellent

  5. Where do we get gongura leaves.

  6. Hope for another recipy videos

  7. Every recipy is good but using the much hing may disturb the digestion .

  8. Is'nt it really too spicy

  9. Adding so much chilly..That's not healthy

  10. I liked it. But I missed sambar, rasam, chips, etc in andhra meals

  11. Incredible video. Loved the rava laddu recipe. Thank you so much for the share.

  12. Very annoying music.. kindly change it. Menu looks awesome

  13. Super 👌👍😋😋😋

  14. Super nice recipe pls support my channel

  15. Chaala bagundi mee lunch menu. Dondakaya ulli karaam super

  16. I love Indian vegetarian recipes 😙

  17. Very nice. But madam tell me how many days can we store ravva laddu for some days if we make it in the method u have shown.

  18. You're husband is really lucky with this regard

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