Vegan Christmas Dinner | Vegan Cooking Tutorial

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Me and my friend Sophie aka Positivesoph decided to make this vegan Christmas dinner tutorial which didn’t quite go as planned! We had a lot of fun with it though so decided to keep the bloopers in, hopefully it’s entertaining if nothing else!


For the oven roasted veg, I just diced sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips, covered them with garlic powder and dried herbs and roasted them in the oven for 40 minutes @ 200 degrees. We also had broccoli, sweetcorn, stuffing, gravy (store bought) and some cranberry sauce.


  1. your & sophie’s time and effort put into this festive feast is me making my instant coffee every night at 3 am

  2. Hmm…perhaps the Howell boys should stick to take out food…lol

  3. adrian doesn't hold out on the garlic powder.

  4. 8:15
    I just want to say that his laugh is so adorable

  5. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to see the vegan community spread out. 🙂

  6. I Love this video! you are so natural in front of the camera! I'm definetly going to try out this recipes!

  7. you're amazing at cooking 😮

  8. why did the ketchup part make me laugh so hard? why was it so funny to me?

  9. This is so calming what is this sorcery?

  10. Okay but that loaf looks so good

  11. It’s cool to watch a chill cooking video👍

  12. Ketchup bottle:1

  13. I really hate onions but the sounds of cutting onions is so satisfying.

  14. I’m trying to become vegan and eat healthy so this helped a lot, thank you for making this video 😄

  15. Also thanks for giving me this idea
    we totally using this tonight 💙💙

  16. 5:20 boi u do sound like ur brother there 😂😂

  17. He’s so cute I want to cry

  18. a waiter once told me you’re supposed to smack the numbers on the side of the ketchup bottle to get it out! It usually works

  19. This entire video brought me so much joy 😂

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