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Guys, I’m back to shopping for all my yummy vegan food at ALDI! It really is much cheaper than my regular grocery store. So I wanted to share the new vegan products I’ve found at aldi as well as some budget friendly recipes and meal ideas! These vegan recipes are super easy, cheap, and tasty 🙂

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  1. What VIDEOS do you all want to see next?!

  2. Aldi, Trader Joe's, Grocery Outlet, and Whole Foods hauls are my fave videos! New vegan product taste tests, too. 🙂

  3. The vegan cheese is so good got me some

  4. New subscriber here. Thanks for the recipes. I have those veggie patties..

  5. Great idea with enchilada sauce. I'll try it. I had such a hard time loosing weight but my bp is very high n can't control it. I started cutting down on salt, oil and meat and I'm loosing weight. I just needed to know how to have all my nutrients in my meals. Thku for your eady to cook recipies and nutritious. 💃

  6. Wow that sweet potato casserole looks yummy

  7. I am totally gonna try this!! Looks so yummy! 😛

  8. Where are your aldi I live in Chicago they don’t have these items

  9. Be careful with some of the alternative cheeses at trader joe's. There is definitely more than one, at least at my store in CA, that claims it is dairy free, but when you read the ingredients there is a milk derivative.

  10. Great haul, we love Aldi! Just subscribed and hopefully you will check out our channel and subscribe back. I love the spinach and arugula! Happy Holidays!!!

  11. Aldi is such good value. I did a "What I spend in a week" post featuring my haul from there

  12. Best veggie burgers at Aldi of the same brand are the "Thai" and "Asian" kind.

  13. Great video!!!! Can you do more videos of what certain vitamins do for your body and the foods you need to eat to get them? Love those educational vids! 👍🏻
    Within a 5 mile radius of my house I have 3 grocery stores, 2 Aldis, and a Walmart. All of the prices are pretty much the same so i can't go to one store to save more than another store ☹️

  14. I actually made something extremely similar to this two days ago for dinner! The vegan sweet potato black bean enchiladas with kale from the minimalist baker! I think you'd really love the recipe.

  15. I loove Aldi!! And I really enjoy your Aldi hauls! ❤️❤️ specially because the next time I go I get to try a new healthy product 🤗

  16. Did you use one can enchilada n 2 cans beans? I cant wait to make this. Super tomorrow. I've not seen the cheese at mine though

  17. I love food hauls! 😍 I wish I had an Aldo. Food is so expensive here in Canada!

  18. The quinoa veggie burgers are really good! I hope I find the organic almond milk in my store. I do have the cheese and it melts nicely, but I think it is a temporary product. I definitely am going to try your lasagna!

  19. I need to try this recipe!!

  20. I miss Aldi! I have been trying to find the best deals on groceries since moving, and having all new stores to test out. But nothing beats Aldi!

  21. Ooh, I will have to stop at Aldi's more often! I usually stick to Costco and Trader Joe's. And that casserole looks simple and delicious!

  22. These “premiers” are so disappointing and get me every time! I wish they wouldn’t put it in my sub box. I only want to see videos I can watch right now.

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