Vegan Food is Better Than Regular Food | Is It True?

Comedians Teddy Ray, Danny Rag, and Pretty Ricki take a blind taste test to see if it’s true that vegan food is better than regular food.


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[CREDITS] Starring: Teddy Ray, Danny Rag, Pretty Ricki, and Vegan Guru
Directed By: Josh Gonzales
Produced By: Travis Brown
Cinematographer: Adam Bial
Cam Op: Charles Gibson
PA: Casandra Epps
Sound Mixer: Anthony Kozlowski
Production Assistant: Julia Chong
VFX: Arthur Castillo
Editor: Dajuana Jones
Assistant Editor: Bryan Nam


  1. The man with the beard is damn disgusting

  2. The way that guy with the beard eats 😖😖😖😣

  3. The girl is just annoying.
    I don't like it
    I don't like it
    I don't like it
    I don't like it
    I don't like it

  4. She said “that one made me sad” she so cute lol


  6. Who’s crib was y’all at 😭?? I see the chuckee cheese picture in the back and shit 😭😭😭

  7. Tell me why they purposefully gave them shitty regular food and good vegan food smh

  8. Two mins in and two white jokes in. Just wait. One day when you realize that too is racist, you and Kevin Hart can go on an apology tour together.

  9. Teddy’s hands look like back woods

  10. Why They Always Have Teddy Testing The Food haha

  11. More like Rikki FINEtaine lol

  12. “The county fair is coming up”

  13. 3:17 “I know meat, Doo, NO HOMO “ JAJAAJJAJAJAJAJA

  14. Obviously meat is going to be better at being meat than non meat…

  15. Snort a coke ah line of crack lmao wtf

  16. why is the real food low rate ass but then the vegan stuff is good like🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

  17. They made the real food bad on purpose

  18. These people are so disrespectful, and the guys just touching the food like its his girlfriend is just nasty

  19. They should have had Rachel Ama cook for them

  20. Please bring back the is it true series

  21. Lets bring vegan food from an special vegan cheff and the real food from a fast food restaurant

  22. “ion i don’t like it” stfu

  23. the fact he’s eating with his hands is annoying

  24. producer was so desperate to create an equilibrium that they made shit pasta to try and make vegan pasta seem decent.

  25. moral of the story:

    make actual food taste shittier than vegan crap to convince people that they somehow prefer eating dirt over meat

  26. Please do “is it true short people are meaner than tall people”

  27. They’re making the regular food mad nasty on purpose

  28. 6:577:00 he was threw 😭😭😭😭😭

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