1cup RAW Sunflower Seeds (soaked in 1 cup water for 2hrs min)
3Tbl Nutritional Yeast
1tsp Smoked Paprika
Pinch of Salt
Water to get desired consistency

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  1. I wish Elsie had her long hair back to be honest way way WAY cuter like a lot cuter

  2. It’s funny how iris said she loved it and she was eating it so slow and Ollie was eating it so fast lol cute!

  3. Looks delish
    Do u call it red pepper yellow pepper orange pepper???
    I say capsicum

  4. I don't like Kris she is not pretty

  5. I just finished eating watermelon before I clicked on this video

  6. U guys make everything look so good

  7. I think Jude would rather have a burger! Lol

  8. When you guys grow up they are going to be healthy

  9. Wow u are amazing your my favourites YouTubers

  10. Omg! Taira! Your so lucky having kids that isn’t picky! Your kids are great and I’m positive that they are gonna stay the same!

  11. Do 5 days of full raw vegan

  12. Hi tiara I love your family and I would love if you could come to Kingston market because my family have an fruit stall and I’m Sure it would be good for the kids because the have water shooters there and I would love to see you all love you all Alice x

  13. You guys look cute eating watermelon 🍉

  14. Olly's soo cute, i loved how she opened her mouth to eat the strawberry then dropped it

  15. Elsie: creative
    Max: energetic
    Jean: kind
    Jude: sporty
    Iris: sweet
    Olive: cute

  16. 4:12 she's such a little actress in the making.

  17. What if iris doesn’t like vegan food

  18. Wow day vegan kids good for everything. can give for me

  19. I love you all of you guys iris is so cute and olive as well and i love elsie attitude and max and jude and jean as well you are the Best youtoubers EVER and mum is a really good mum i always watch your videos and sorry for really late comment 😘😘😘😘😘

  20. I would’ve been just like iris haha

  21. Que familia maravilhosa,crianças bem disciplinadas,parabens a essa mae

  22. Ollie makes me laugh so much

  23. I love you channel because you are realistic and don't put things on for show. 💙❤

  24. I'm not vegan but I LOVE your channel💙💙

  25. Where's the plates?? 😂😂😂

  26. Im not vegan or vegetarian but i would really want to try this it looks so good and delicious ……..

    Also i might have been binge watching all your videos JustSayin

  27. When i grow up mite make my kid vegan

  28. Since you guys are vegan you eat so healthy

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