Vegan Loaded Nachos Recipe

Hi! Here is a very delicous Vegan Loaded Nachos recipies! It was super yummy, and we hope you try it.

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Mia and Sienna


  1. They were so littllleeee omg


  3. Sooo those actually look so amazing now I want nachos omg..

  4. It’s so cute how she said “tortilla” like honey it’s pronounced torteya

  5. Sienna is ssssssoooooo cute!

  6. O.M.G! Like if your watching this in 2018! Mia looks so young! How old is Mia then?

  7. Awwww they were so cute and little! Such sweet girls! I love how they pronounced Tortilla so cute! This looks delicious by the way.

  8. I see some Banana's in the background. I'm wondering how those would taste with the Loaded Nacho's…

  9. Aw fizz sisters throw back ❤️

  10. Watching this 2018…Mia was soo tiny….She has grown soo much

  11. mias hair is so blond here

  12. Omg sienna looks and sounds sooooo cute xx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Mia you look so young I’m watching this in 2018

  14. Mia acts so much older now lol

  15. Sienna is so cute she is so different now xx

  16. Aww when Sienna holds up the sweet corn she tries to show it to the person thats holding the camera not the actual camera!! So cutee 💜💜

  17. How does they know what to say. X

  18. Its not a jalapeno its a halapeno but its spelt different

  19. Omg the way she says tortilla and jalapeños

  20. Sienna " Of course it's gonna be vegan " then does a evil smile at 0:19😅😅

  21. Looks delicious and I like the idea of using hummus, but tort-ee-uh.

  22. your kids have better eating habits then I do, its really an inspiration to get healthy.

  23. Is mia blond or gingeryblond

  24. even though im not vegan, i love to watch your cooking vids because, they are so healthy and, sound very delicious!

  25. Mia is so beautiful and elegant and so kind and patient with sienna 😀😀😀😀😀😀😜😜

  26. Hi i'm new and i love this channel and Sienna and Mia are so pretty!

  27. Beautiful beautiful girls xxx

  28. they way they say tortilla 😂😂😂.

  29. the best! you should try to make a salsa with tomatoes and onions it taste delicious

  30. lol i had no clue corriander and cilartro were the name thing

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