Vegan Loco Moco Recipe w/ The Vegg

A vegan Loco Moco? For this Veggietorial, I’ll show you how I put a plant-based twist on a classic Hawaiian style dish.Check out my blog for the full ingredient list and printable recipe

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Products I used for this recipe:

The Vegg vegan egg yolk-
Food grade calcium chloride
*Vegan* worcestershire sauce
Silken tofu

Created,shot and edited by Cobi Kim El Solo Lobo::Veggietorials
Business Inquiries only: veggietorials@gmail(dot)com

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* This video is not sponsored but I did receive a free sample of The Vegg. My opinions are always honest. I share product reviews only if the product is something I use myself. You can purchase it through my Amazon affiliate link above or at various retailers

** What is calcium chloride?


  1. This looks Ono! I going try um. Can I get a link to the truffle salt please?

  2. I'm so sad 😭 I tried to do the yolk and I did exact measurements but it just fell apart. Idk what I did wrong 😭😭

  3. Omg I’m in Maui and I wish a local restaurant would make this.

  4. hey! i love going to hawaii and I haven’t been there since ive went vegan, is there food vegan restaurant options and grocery store foods there?

  5. how far in advance can you make the yolk?

  6. This is so creative, thank you for the video

  7. oyster? is it a shell an animal?

  8. Can you make a video where you break da yolk? I like see how da buggah run. tanks.

  9. Can you make a video where you break da yolk? I like see how da buggah run. tanks.

  10. Can you make a video where you break da yolk? I like see how da buggah run. tanks.

  11. Can you make a video where you break da yolk? I like see how da buggah run. tanks.

  12. Wow, high-tech! Love doing kitchen science and would LOVE a vegan Loco Moco – will def. try dees ~ ☆

  13. I'd like to see you break the yolk and in the other styles

  14. Yaaay! For science!! This was an awesome tutorial!!

  15. but what we all wanted to see was the egg yolk being cut!
    …please eat the food

  16. my childhood favorite food! <3

  17. This looks insanely amazing! i miss fried eggs so I need to try this! I may have to make brunch for my friends soon!

  18. Are there any dangers of eating the Calcium chloride?? Love your channel!!

  19. Nice egg, cute pan, good video!

  20. worchester sauce is not vegan.It has anchovies in it.

  21. <claps> for the "that's what she said" comment. I know…five years too late.

  22. I don't think using calcium chloride in in food is safe human consumption even if it's usda certified. It's not food

  23. I wish I had known about your channel sooner!!! it's so hard being a vegetarian in hawaii especially when everything hawaiian has some sort of meat in it except haupia or poi which are so ono. thanks for the recipe!!! so excited to try it!!!

  24. Hello! I'm about to purchase the vegg for the first time and was wondering what the calcium chloride you use is? Also, where would I purchase calcium chloride, and are there any other uses for it besides this?

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