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We played Doctor Frankenstein this week and turned plants into steaks!!! …Vegan steaks, that is! We did it using seitan made from from vital wheat gluten, and the likeness to meat is unmiSTEAKable!

Sorry we don’t have a written recipe for this! We’re currently working on an updated and improved version which will feature in our new book (to be launched in Spring 2018)… So please bear with us until then!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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  1. So much salt so much fat, unhealthy or what!!

  2. This recipe is perfection! I can't get enough of this seitan steak!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Never tasted seitan, I'm curious of it. I have to try!

  4. Why, not just eat meat then?

  5. Very interesting stuff. Been vegan over a year and haven’t tried making any meat substitutes from wheat gluten. I’ve had some sietan from the store but it tasted….how can I say…..WHEATY! So maybe home made would be much better. I’ll have to try soon. Thanks 🙏

  6. I can almost smell it cooking! Lol

  7. Thanks guys. Made steak, mushroom and egg wraps with vegan chedder and wow. Please do a guilt free turkey for christmas. Danke shun

  8. For anyone that wants the play by play: Vegan steak recipe
    * Add 2 cup vital wheat gluten in mixing bowl
    * 1 teaspoon garlic powder
    * Pinch of sea salt
    * Half to a quarter teaspoon of paprika
    * 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
    * 4 tablespoon tomato purade
    * Drain and rinse chick peas then mash up
    * Combine chick peas with other ingredients and hand mix
    * 2 1/4 cups vegetable bullion
    * Add half of bullion to mixed ingredients and continue to kneed
    * Knees for 3-4 mins

    * pour remaining vegetables bullion into sauce pan
    * Add one chopped onion
    * 2 glove of garlic
    * Fill with 2 1/4 cups of water
    * 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
    * Put steaks into water making sure not to touch one another and simmer for 30mins


    * 4 tablespoons of soy sauce
    * 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    * Pinch of smoke paprika
    * Mix together then place steak in sauce
    * Fry steaks in coconut oil until crisp

  9. I've been told about this a few times before and I always wanted to try it, now I have all the ingredients to make it! Thanks for the tips! Wish me luck🤞

  10. I just made this for dinner tonight and it came out delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe guys!

  11. He called his twin darling… How sweet. Love your channel.

  12. Yummmmmmmmmmm … I'll try this recipe tomorrow night

  13. Gluten? Confused I heard nothing but bad things about gluten. Protein yes, great for yerst in your gut – for the bad ones, indigestable for humans? What am I missing here?

  14. When freezing seitan, do I steam/cook first or do I freeze the raw dough in the shape I want.

  15. Peter needs some SUNSHINE =)

  16. Mash the chick peas on a plate with a fork. Much easier.

  17. I think seitan is bloody delicious. I haven’t made it for ages, but thanks to this video, I’m going to be real soon. Yummy 😋

  18. 10 mixing spoons. I love it!!

  19. what is the black soy sauce looking stuff they use for everything?

  20. Welcome to Celiac disease……
    Hypocrites! Eating Glutin 'steaks' fake 'meat' can't get away from it can you…..
    Ratbag psychopaths cultic religion…….
    Eating 'dough' & calling it 'meat' IDIOTS!

  21. hate chick peas. damn.. NOW WHAT!

  22. Love your gorgeous ROI accents and cooking happiness looking for more vegan recipes, so I'm subbing! 🙂

  23. This is hilarious… So much effort to create unhealty fake meat when you can just buy a real steak and eat properly. 😀

  24. this is so hard to watch, the guy on the right is always interrupting and taking power over the twin on the left. err merr gerdd

  25. Can you grille it instead??

  26. Are there alternatives for the wheat gluten stuff?

  27. Vegan recipes made by two hot guys? Yes, please. Subscribed.

  28. I thought gluten is not good for you

  29. Yeah, real Stake for real men. Looks pretty good. So now i know how to use my almost 2 year old rest of seitan.

  30. Thankyou very much. I use other ingredients and I make seitan fish! I couldnt make seitan boiling one hour and more but with your recepis it is fast and I use almost everyday. Thank you.

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