this is thanksgiving in a slice! Make this thanksgiving roast / pot pie with pre-made vegan puff pastry and savoury layers of sweet potato mash, mushroom & lentil stew, and apple cranberry sauce.

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  1. It was delicious but mine had a soggy bottom 😒 why ?

  2. Woah jesus. I dont like sweet with savory but i guess i can totally skip the cranberry apple thing and i have never tried savory sweet potato… only steamed with condensed milk or molasses kind of… i guess theres always a first timeee. Amazing

  3. What can I use instead of the celery? I really do not like celery :/

  4. My first Vegan Thanksgiving and the best Thanksgiving in years!! This recipe was so delicious! Thank you

  5. Making this tomorrow! Should I make it before I arrive to my family's house and reheat it or assemble ahead of time and bake it when I get there?? Thaaaanks!!

  6. Can some of the ingredients be made the night before? Like the Lentil meaty part and the cranapple sauce?

  7. Very frustrating trying to get recipe for “Vegan Thanksgiving Roast”. I subscribed, went to the website “” without any results for the recipe! Please advise. Thank you!

  8. 😍 looks amazing and delicious, thank you so much for this recipe 😋

  9. I live in the Caribbean, we don't celebrate thanksgiving here and those flavors sound so weird for me like the sweet potato has cinnamon and nutritional yeast I'm so curious about this

  10. Its a perfect holiday feel good recipe, this will be my second year making this…yay!

  11. God bless you ! Thanks for the recipe. I am from El Salvador ,but we live in Maryland and we are vegan too. 😄😄😄

  12. Made this last year. Was good:) making it again this year!

  13. OMFG!!! This looks fantastic. I want to change my entire menu now.

  14. I've never had a thanksgiving roast before. Is it good? It's got both sweet and savory stuff – I find it weird.

  15. I'm so so glad I found your channel!!! 😍

  16. I made this last Thanksgiving and it was AWESOME! Thank You so much for this wonderful recipe you truly are a wonderful cook!

  17. The fillings all together are amazing !! Trying making my own pastry dough, fail, so just ate all the fillings in a bowl 10/10!

  18. Tried this last year .IT WAS AWESOME! going to make it AGAIN!! THANKS 😁

  19. Is puff pastry vegan? I thought it had butter!

  20. Wow…I know this will be good. It looks delicious!

  21. So, I want to take this to Thanksgiving this year… but I am traveling. Do you think I could assemble it, put it in the fridge and then the day of thanksgiving put it in the oven? Or what about freezing it? So many questions because this looks amazing and I must bring it this year!

  22. This looks so beautiful❕& delicious😋

  23. I am using corn, carrots, potato cubes, shallots, celery, and whisking up some vegetable stock and corn starch into a gravy to fill mine with. I can't wait!

  24. Hi! Do you think I can use a pizza dough instead? LOOKS SO GOOD!

  25. Oh this looks so darn good. I will be trying this for one of my Sunday dinners😁

  26. Looooks soooo goooood! It’s so hot here in Texas right now ( July ) but I’m so ready to make this! 😍😍

  27. in our contry we don't have cranberry so what to do??? thanks

  28. I made this at Christmas and it was absolutely delicious! The meat eaters also enjoyed this as a side dish! Will definitely make this a staple dish every year for the holidays!

  29. Soooo many comments saying that puff pastry isn’t vegan. In Canada you can get vegan puff pastry at most grocery stores, they use vegetable oil instead of butter. Not sure if it’s as common elsewhere, but it is here.

  30. This came out great when I did it for Thanksgiving. Going to do it again for Nochebuena!

  31. Omg had to rewind to 7:50 to see your chuffed face after you tied the parchment paper hahaha love it! Its like you're thinking: 'You may think this is silly, but its not. It was a great idea and it will look fabulous. You're welcome.'

  32. Made this more savory with regular mashed potatoes with French’s onions, vegan bacon bits and chives in stead of the sweet potato mash. It was really delicious thanks for the idea

  33. Just made this….looks fantastic in the loaf tin – can't wait to slice into it! New Zealand doesn't have thanksgiving but it will serve me well this xmas!

  34. I've got the ingredients 😀 and about to start cooking.

  35. Nutritional yeast + cinnamon + garlic. My brain can't compute.

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