Vegan Zucchini Recipe—Perfect for Summer! | PETA Living #6

This yummy, easy-to-make recipe will delight your taste buds and impress your friends:


The website the meat industry doesn’t want you to see:

How to go vegan:

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  1. I'm making this! Thanks Peta.😘💜Vegan food is tastier and the fun you have creating new meals and herbs, spices, colours it is way more exciting eating plant based than a carnivore diet.

  2. Made it exactly as directed and it was fabulous!!

  3. I love zucchini, so why not try this? Are the red pepper flakes optional or part of the recipe? Because I don't really like spicy foods…

  4. Hey peta do you guys have any recipe for a vegan lasagna? I turned vegan a month ago and im having my old favorite foods compared to theyr vegan form . By the way the vegan caramell popcorn recipe was delecious . Keep up the good work

  5. She has eyes of Marilyn Monroe..

  6. Basil ribbons though…::side eye:: I'll be making this recipe tomorrow!

  7. I hope McDonalds make veggie types of there food

  8. I hope McDonalds make veggie types of there food

  9. wow that looks so yummy 😮 Starting september I'm going to live on my own (starting college) and i will absolutely try that dish out! i've decided today to become vegan. I saw some videos about circus animals, down factories, all that stuff. And I was crying so hard I couldn't take eating meat or eggs any longer. I'm shocked this channel only has 70K subscribers…everyone should become vegan or vegetarian, the world is horrible as it is, let's take animal abuse off that list.

  10. im so gonna make this…

  11. the conclusion was so right! you feel more compassionate with every bite! The zucchini looks yummy I'm gonna try and make it

  12. Looks like she had half of the stuffing mixture left over – too much to go back in the shells. What do you do with that? Otherwise this looks delicious.

  13. Amazing recipe 😀
    Tho I think it won't be easy to find zucchini near my town, but it inspired me to try something a little different.
    Cucumber, maybe?

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