Vlog | My GM Diet Experience | What I Ate For 7 Days | Healthy Recipes

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Hey everyone! 🙂

Today I am going to share my GM diet experience and some healthy recipes with you all in a vlog format!

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  1. Thank you for giving knowledge your English is very good and in good flow

  2. Why ur showing it on second day dinner n on third day its not in gm plan

  3. Potato is eaten only on second day as brf

  4. Week ke bad kya weight gain hota he,?

  5. On my day 4.. milk and bananasss

  6. Omg i am convinced that i have indian genes like wtfff, my eyes are exactly like yours and so is my nose and my lips are slightly bigger than yours and i have very kinky african hair (4b/c hairtype) and im darkskin its like im ur darkskin-african twin wtf

  7. pls tell me how much is your weight and how much you lose weight

  8. Thanksssss today is my 2nd last day i lost 4 kgs i started with 65 kg and now am 61 😍

  9. All you are gonna use is water weight as your salt intake is negligible. Once you continue with your normal diet you are bound to regain your weight. So all that patience and self control is waste and for nothin.

  10. and I'm also follow this diet plan n today my 2nd day

  11. 2nd day u eat potato but potato is not good food in loosing plz rlpy me ur ans

  12. Can I add corn kernels in vegetable day?

  13. no salt with the vegetables???? while baking

  14. it should follow all time aa? another doubt s if we leave this diet any side effect or gain weight happen?

  15. Can we follow this diet for 2 weeks continuously ???

  16. Don't go for gm.diet... Its outdated and its dont have protein and salt so it makes you dehydrated and muscle lose.

  17. I lost 2 kgs and today is the 4th day of gm diet…. thankx

  18. can we drink black coffee or lemon water through out the day ?

  19. This is very helpful, thank you! 💙

  20. Can i take alcohol during GM diet

  21. watching this in china, everything here is oily, salty and sweet…I will do this diet and post my results…after the Chinese new year holidays…you did a really good job

  22. After gm dite again the weight will again or not how to maintain the weight after gm dite

  23. Already having craving for 🥨 pretzel
    But keep it up you look good already

  24. It's my 6th day of GM diet and i haven't reduced more than 1kg till now😭

  25. It’s currently 03:40 in the morning and this video inspired me to get out of my bed, go downstairs into the kitchen and drink a glass of water 😩😂

  26. can I consume salt and pepper when I'm doing this diet? I need the answer immediatey

  27. Can we make tomatoes soap instead of raw tomatoes ??

  28. Day 4 . What if i don't eat banana. What should I take then? Coz I don't like banana

  29. can I eat sweet potato instead of potato

  30. Youre so real, absolutely love it!

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