Weight Loss Diet Chart 4 kg a month

Dear Friends,
This is easy Weight Loss Diet Chart 4 kg a month, This video you can know “How to easy less your weight or How to less weight first.

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  1. aita kuno diet chart holo faltu Aita to regular

  2. Diet chart e kono din per day 2time rice thake Na…..

  3. Mam Ami sokale Jodi 2to kore ruti khai tahole ki hobe?

  4. ete to pet er 1/4th o vorbe na….

  5. nice health tips, may be it can help me

  6. amar Age 43, weight 60, height 4 ft 10 inch ,
    Ami thyroid er medicine khai 100mg
    to amar diet ta ki hobe

  7. ata follow korle ojon 4kg kombena borog 4kg barbe

  8. Dupore mach er bodole mangshu khele hobe?

  9. Eita ki Diet meal holo ?ei ta tho regular meal hoye gelo.

  10. apu badam khala ki ojon bara naki koma…

  11. Mam egulor sathe ki gym kora dorkar

  12. Hi frustrated by with all the weight loss techniques you tried and couldn't get the right solution.Search on the internet as: "Hack2LossWeight" to find out more about new weight loss methods.

  13. Amdr age 23 and 14 . Amra over weight . Amra ki bhabe weight komabo. Please janan…tratri komabo ki kore….

  14. nice dait chart.
    aj theke start korbo.

  15. Mam actually ami milk prefer kari na elergy er karone
    so milk er bodole ki khawa jay?

  16. mam Ami to rat jagi majh rate ki khabo ?

  17. ei diet chart ter pasa pasi ki kono exersize korte hobe ?

  18. bt apu ami to dupur a lunch korar tym pai na. taile kokon khawa zabe lunch ta

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