Weight Loss Healthy Dinner Recipes – Low Calorie Indian Dinner Foods For Weight Loss

Fat to Fab – Weight Loss Healthy Dinner Recipes – Low Calorie Indian Dinner Foods For Weight Loss

Healthy Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss Part 2: https://goo.gl/QE2eZL

Hey Guys!!

You request for this video, so here I am with some tasty weight loss dinner recipes or ideas.

Weight Loss Dinner Recipe – Low Calorie Indian Dinner Foods For Weight Loss

I personally suggest papaya and pineapple for dinner but lot’s of you requested for some healthy other options for weight loss dinner recipe.

1. Ghiya salad
– I love my Ghiya salad, I am sure you will also love it. Everyone have their own cooking style.

2. Steam Broccoli:- Its super easy and quick recipe , all you need is cut broccoli and microwave it for 5 minutes, I prefer it with out salt, same I would suggest you also.

3. Chill Paneer:- This one is for my Sunday night dinner, very simple recipe… Onions, capsicum and homemade paneer with half spoon of ketchup.

4. Vegetable Juice:- This magical juice will improve your skin complexion. Its super healthy I call it green juice.

Ingredients are:- Halg Ghiya, Spinach, Ginger, Tomato and coriander leaves.

This juice remove your body toxins and improprieties.

4. Egg White- You can always eat 2 boil egg white and remove yellow part.

I hope you like my these recipes, If have any question comment.

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  2. plz mam nursing mothers k ly weight loss Diet btyn… im a big fan of u… me from Pakistan

  3. Amrud bhi kha sakta h.. Pineapple ka sath

  4. Night me milk le sakte hai kya

  5. Good pls slow down the shitty music. Difficult to hear audio

  6. super recipes. thanq suman

  7. Pls di upload weight loss for teenager

  8. if brokli steam on gas then time

  9. I tried it and it was awesome 😻

  10. vomit hojyegi ye sb khyege to😢😢

  11. Vegetable juice me salt ya black pepper daal sakte?

  12. How much oil u put in onion n capsicum

  13. What can we use in this ghiya salad instead of lemon??

  14. please make videos in English we don't know hind

  15. Koi ek hi follow krna h na dish mam

  16. jyda bhav milne laga hai toh boht hushar baan gai ho tum 😒

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  19. Hii dear.. u hav post so many weight loss diet plan.. which one we hav to follow. 😐

  20. Plz avoid background music mam

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  22. Can we eat tin pineapple without juice?

  23. U can also take hot water multiple times in a day if u don’t like it in morning but ur stomach must be empty atleast

  24. I have lost 4 kg in one week with diet plan v easy and economical
    2 mugs of hot water with lemon and honey after 15 minutes u can have breakfast as follows
    1 boiled egg along with yolk because it contains high density lipoproteins which are good fats + 2 slices of brown bread + l cup of tea I like tea u can add any fruit or shake like apple is best
    1 bowl of boiled rice jiski achi trh pch niklihui ho +cocumber and any daal or vegetable jo apka ghr mn bna ho uska sth la lan
    Now at 4 or 5 PM when I feel hungry I take 2 dates and some bhuna hua channa u can add fresh juice here also
    In dinner I take only one Chapli Kabab but us mn sa oil ap almost remove kr lan by tissue taka fatness na ho
    And agr apko Rat ko bhook lga tou ap 1 date la skta hn thora sa popcorns la skta hn
    I think es sa zeda economical diet plan nhn and it really works

  25. Mam koi sweet recipe btao na jisse weight gain nhi ho plzz

  26. Hi, it's a useful video for everybody, which hope to eat healthy. Are you interested in Chinese diet food? I am in Gurugram, maybe we could have more share with each other.

  27. 1 tbsp. of this “breakfast belly oil” melts fat > https://t.co/ulDqhr6avk?sdf34dfg445

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