WHAT I EAT IN A DAY #18 (Easy Asian Vegan Recipes) ♥ Cheap Lazy Vegan

Yay for another What I Eat in a Day video! This was the day when I apparently ate EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!! I guess I was hungry 🙂 I also ended up eating lots of Asian inspired food, which I do very often without realizing…. probably because I am Asian (duh). I hope you guys enjoy these simple and easy recipes, and please let me know down below if you’d like my mother’s DDUKBOKKI (or teokbokki) recipe – which are Korean spicy rice cakes. My mama makes the most delicious ddukbokki 🙂

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  1. Thats what i love about vegan food…it always go from "i dont usually eat this/that!" to…it was pretty fuck!ng amazing!!! Lol

  2. This actually looks delicious to me. I wasn’t a fan of the rice cake texture but know I would love the gnocchi and rice noodles in that amazing sauce

  3. That soup sounds so insanely delicious that I've just purchased kelp and gochujang paste online :))))))))

  4. I adore your channel. Love Asian dishes. I'm a happy vegan. 🙂

  5. okay this looks awesome!!!! this reminds me of what I use loads of staples and make food like stir'fries, and burrito's, and bean burgers, anyways this is awesome!!!

  6. Please! Make the rice cake dish!

  7. Love watching simple recipes that i would actually do. 😊👍

  8. Finally someone who eats as much as I do! 😀 Well… sometimes it's even more…

  9. this Korean shit always looks amazing, wish we had these ingredients aha

  10. I love your videos!!! everything always looks so yummy! I'm trying the vegan Mac and cheese over the holiday vacay, can't wait!

  11. I'm going to make a caramelised onion and mushroom pasta sauce over brown rice noodles for dinner tonight.i can't wait because of this video.

  12. Does anyone else LOVE broccoli stalks? When I saw you adding it to the stir fry I was so happy, I'm obsessed with them!

  13. do you count calories? can you help me on portion sizing in every dish you cook i will try to copy your meals.

  14. U're so sensitive. It's amazing. Thanks a loooooot!! ^_____^

  15. Kick of the ass cooking day Rose!!

  16. Where did u get enough protein pls ? What did u have for breakfast as well ? Txs ! Nice video

  17. your WIEID videos are SO refreshing, seeing someone eat lots of delicious food rather than just a smoothie bowl and 5 almonds

  18. this looks awesome!!! I'm trying to transition into vegan

  19. All of your recipes are highly recommended 😉 ,,, thank you so much for sharing

  20. 3:10 where is the protein? Theres only carbohydrates there :s

  21. SHEESE is the bombbb, and your make-shift ddukbokki looks yummy af

  22. You eat so much! How do you stay so little?!

  23. I don't feel guilty anymore when i watch your videos because i'm the kind of girl who likes to mix everyting together. Lentils and pasta ? Yes. Gnocchis and rice ? Yes. Beans and pasta ? Well fuck yes !!!!
    In the end of the day we all know how it's gonna end spoil alert : poop in the toilets

  24. what is korean rice cake.. this is delish.. video.

  25. Rose why should I juice you, You're the chef

  26. Gnocchi have egg in it so your not vegan……

  27. OMG OMG OMG!!!! . LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!!! Going to try!

  28. Your recipes always look so good

  29. Wtfff…I was wondering why I hadn't been seeing any new videos from you! I think I got deleted from your subscriber list at some point. This has happened with a few other people I was subscribed to also. Bummer! Glad to be back.

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