What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals #2

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It’s finally here, PART TWO of my WHAT I EAT IN A DAY AT WORK! I’m always getting requests for healthy breakfast and lunch ideas for on the go at work or school so I’m sharing a bunch today!

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What I Eat in a Dat at Work #1: https://youtu.be/aEoyL47z0Go
My Haircare Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S6fMuXFOCw
My Vitamin Routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDXpsRXNupk

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  1. That look's good but I would not be able to eat like that at work because I have a fast metabolism/system…well I hope u get my point..

  2. The paper plane scene was funny

  3. Can I have the ckicken chopped salad and dressing recipe ?

  4. In green smoothies what mixed greens are you using ?? what types

  5. Can i have you muesli blend recipe ?

  6. What's the recipe of that egg and chicken tahini ?

  7. It's the same thing from all these types. Get up drink lemon water, eat oatmeal soaked in whatever, pack their lunch in a 31 lunch tote, put their green drink in a glass jar with a Kuppow lid, go to work or to their laptop at home and do very little work.

  8. I don’t know why but the crumpled coiled up cords for the hair dryer and the phone irks me a little bit.

  9. What are some of your recipe.. your food looks really Delicious !!

  10. Love the recipes ! May I ask as I’m curious what your ethnic back round is.

  11. Hy i’m new on your channel! Are you working at Facebook or YouTube? I really like your videous!😘😊

  12. Fast metabolism here I cannot eat breakfast without going to the toilet directly after so it is impossible for me to have breakfast at work. It is already difficult when it is lunch time at work and I have to wait until I go back home to do my business…Lol

  13. what is the song called in the background

  14. Where can you get the top part of the mason jar?

  15. Hlo whats ur name in insta n facebook

  16. love this so much it makes me hungry!!!

  17. Beijinhos de Portugal! 💗

  18. i really love your videos <3

  19. What's the yogurt that she used?

  20. Thank you for this. I work at an urgent care so on the go go go, and usually will run across the street and grab a yucky cheeseburger from the gas station and always feel like crap after I’m going to try these ideas I really appreciate these videos. Thank you 😊

  21. Do you have a video for on the recipe for the salad and mainly dressing?

  22. I really like your casualty💖👍✌

  23. iam an indian living in UAE
    I liked your videos, its really usefull

  24. Your what i eat in a day videos are my favourite

  25. Thumbs up for these portuguese dried figs!!

  26. What kind of vitamins and supplements do you take?

  27. hello what song is that in the background

  28. I can’t imagine pretending to go to work 😂😭

  29. hl, why do you still wear make upsj?

  30. Hi lovely, I really enjoy your video. every time I love to watch your channel and I also want to have this good for my and my family good health. Thanks for sharing with us god bless you.

  31. What all vitamins you take and pls share dressing recepi

  32. Bit too much 'pretending' going on 😐

  33. Hi! I am portuguese:) A big kiss!

  34. Where can I find the flower oatmeal bowl with lid?

  35. I’m pretty sure the H in herbal is meant to be silent.

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